Retitled Fellowship

Igloo 32


Hey Gang!

These two decks are all the result of Seastan’s deck building abilities. I have made some small adjustments to experiment a little but the decks are essentially unchanged.

My goal with this fellowship is to work through a large number of the quests and log those results into the quest log. In many cases, it will be my first attempt through a quest.

Go, Go Gondor! is a fast Gondor Swarm (2018 TM) deck that utilizes Boromir’s bonus and Visionary Leadership’s to buff Gondor characters, while Denethor spreads out the wealth and Erestor makes sure there are allies in hand to play.

This should combo well with I’m Caldarahil, a Caldara (2.0TM)deck using Caldara’s one shot ability to bring up to three strong allies into play from the discard pile, assuming you have Prince Imrahil in play. To help put allies into the discard pile, the discarding effects of Arwen Undómiel and Círdan the Shipwright are put to good use.

Both of these are strong decks in their own right and will do well solo in a number of quests. However, I think these decks pair well and help support each other and become stronger.

1) Caldara and Prince Imrahil have the Gondor trait. Although this allows them to get a bonus from Visionary Leadership, more importantly, this allows access to additional resources from Denethor.

2) Visionary Leadership doesn’t just stop at the hero’s! I have tweaked I’m Caldarahil to add a couple more Gondor allies, such as White Tower Watchman and Damrod. The card also makes Pelargir Shipwright a 4 beast!

3) Arwen Undómiel can push resources to Erestor. While this probably won’t be used as much as Denethor’s ability, is an off sphere for Go Go Gondor and will help in a pinch. It is because of this I felt that I could add Ithilien Tracker.

4) Go Go Gondor is really focused on doing one thing, getting allies out and doesn’t have a lot of options should locations build up, threat gets high or the quest is strong on ally destruction. I’m Caldarahil fills in those holes quite well with it’s Northern Tracker and Rhovanion Outrider for location control, The Galadhrim's Greeting for threat reduction and A Test of Wills. Plus, I see Will of the West as a big reset button should things get really bad.

5)I’m Caldarahil is a bit more well rounded and will have answers to a lot of the situations that the encounter deck will throw at the players. It’s role is to sit back and let and let Go Go Gondor...go. I do find with this deck though, that it does get a bit resource starved and can get stalled out if it doesn’t get the right cards. With Denethor and Heed the Dream available, this should help smooth out some of those wrinkles.

Try it out and let me know what you think!