The Battle of Carn-Dûm - V3

maval 22


Basic strategy is same as Seastan's as described:

The key is to build AN ARMY OF SUPER DEFENDERS as below to survive the battlefiled, then counter attack hardly:

Erkenbrand with Armored Destrier + Hauberk of Mail + Dúnedain Warning

Amarthiúl with Armored Destrier + Warrior Sword + Heir of Valandil

Elrond with A Burning Brand + Steward of Gondor + Gondorian Shield + Unexpected Courage + Heir of Mardil

Arwen Undómiel + Warden of Healing + Derndingle Warrior also are all important allies to help you survive.

One Silver Lamp for Glorfindel with Light of Valinor. If you can bring up another one to the dunedain deck with Song of Travel, that's so perfect for your defending decision, like you can use Armored Destrier to discard the exactly deadly shadow cards!