Side quests, traps and dunedain!

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This deck's history

I built this fellowship to try out a number of things. These things were: The new Bond of Friendship contract, Dunedain, side quests and the Denethor Erestor combo. I've played the game quite a lot, but most of that has been the real thing - not OCTGN. In my physical copy I have a decent number of cards, but no contracts, side quests and under half of the heroes here. Since I've started playing OCTGN I naturally wanted to try many of the new cards (to me at least, these might be old for others) and I did so by trying other pre-made decks on here. After a while, I wanted to create one myself, so here we are!

How the deck works

You want to make sure the dunedain deck gets to do dunedain stuff. You can play allies from multiples spheres by using Thurindir to start with The Storm Comes. Resources for these allies are covered by using cards like Steward of Gondor and Heir of Valandil. Amarthiúl also helps with his ability. To makes sure you get this the BoF deck should mulligan for steward. Another reason you want steward is help fuel Elrohir's ability. That combined with Song of Wisdom to get A Burning Brand and some Dúnedain Warnings and Arwen Undómiel, Elrohir should have no trouble defending. This also means the trap deck doesn't have to worry about furiously getting Forest Snares out, although you still should focus on doing so as it seriously does help.

While you're getting the dunedain deck set up, the other decks should try to start marching through a few side quests. This helps cards like Thurindir, Legacy Blade, Halfast Gamgee and Thalion. Once you've completed three you generally won't need to complete more although they always help. As well as The Storm Comes, I like to try and complete Rally the West. This is especially effective as there's three players in the game so it will effect more players. Sometimes I even try and compete it first as it makes dealing with the other quests so much easier. Gather Information is also a nice one as it guarantees a forest snare, which no one should complain about.

The other cards

I hate location lock and it can certainly happen decently often in a 3-4 player game. This is dealt with at the start by swooping Meneldor in and out of play using Meneldor's Flight and Flight of the Eagles. However, this shouldn't be need later on as the dunedain deck will eventually get a couple of northern trackers out. The BoF deck also has Beorning Skin-changer. This is a great card as because of Hirgon, he only costs one and can get Beorn into play - even if he's been discarded by Erestor! This means you can easily get a strong ally out, right of the bat. As there is only one spirit hero, and they're in an Erestor deck, it makes A Test of Will pretty useless. However, the problem of requiring encounter card cancellation is solved by Halfling Bounder.

A believe this deck is decently strong as it is, but would always be welcome for some advice on it!


Jul 19, 2020 Alonewolf87 540

You could try some Strength of Arms in the Elrohir Dunedain deck. You could also add some Gather Information or Keep Watch, in the Thurindir deck (if you get one side quest in the starting hand you can take the other out from the deck with Thurindir's ability) and also the other decks to fish for some key cards. In that case some East Road Ranger could be quite useful. Send for Aid in the dunedain deck could also be interesting.