the vigilant fellowship

askelad 112


fellowship based around using Vigilant Dúnadan to handle defense. (MotK) Arwen Undómiel+2x Wild Stallion + Narya gets Vigilant Dúnadan to 6 . Unexpected Courage+Palantir and 2x Spare Hood and Cloak and Keep Watch also give extra defense.

All heroes except Beorn quest and Galadriel's and Balin's decks can often play a questing ally on turn 1, so quest completion on turn 1 should be common (usually Gather Information to grab Vigilant Dúnadan and combo pieces) so that the dunadan is online on turn 2. turn 1 Beorn can defend and galadriel can just sacrifice the ally she played (since it didnt exhaust to quest) if needed.

Gondorian Fire on Aragorn (with potential Sword of Númenor and Rivendell Bow as well as a ranged silvan package make solid attackers (plus the big guns such as treebeard, glorfindel, gandalf...)

palantir on arwen gives scrying (and an extra arwen activation), low starting threat+elrond's counsel+aragorn's ability+galadriel's ability make up for the threat increase

Steward of Gondor can go on aragorn as default but also on galadriel, arwen or beorn depending on circumstances.

Balin+Hasty Stroke deals with shadows

test of will+dwarven tomb deals with treachery

elrond deals with conditions

warden+ioreth deals with healing

northern tracker+Súlien deal with location lock

heroes+ethir swordsman+faramir+fellowship deal with questing power