Dunedain Trappers

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Seastan 7779

Video: https://youtu.be/LuZ11Zxe4OA

As discussed here: https://hallofbeorn.wordpress.com/2015/12/10/deck-the-dunedain-trappers/

If you don't have all the necessary cards, I recommend dropping them for more copies of the 2x and 1x cards that are in the deck to make it more consistent.

The crucial cards in the deck, which it probably won't work without, are 3x Master of the Forge, 3x Forest Snare. Celebrían's Stone is the only way to get the Spirit icon, so if you don't have two or three you should put in some Song of Travel.


Apr 29, 2016 Trialus 17

Just finally managed to play my first game with this deck and had a blast! It is really a fun deck to play...it feels thematic and powerful. My next move is to take it against Carn Dum! Thanks for posting it!

Apr 29, 2016 Seastan 7779

@Trialus Glad you liked it!

A note about Carn Dum. The shadow cards on enemies that have been trapped will not get discarded at the end of the round. So eventually the whole encounter deck will be locked up as shadow cards! This would be fine, except stage 2 makes you raise your threat by 1 for each shadow card in play. So I recommend including Favor of the Valar to cope with that threat raise. Even still, it's a very tough quest. Good luck!

Apr 29, 2016 Trialus 17

Thanks for the heads up!

May 01, 2016 Trialus 17

@Seastan So I took it up against Carn Dum in easy mode and it did great! I took your advice to add Favor of the Valar and stayed in stage 1 until I got it into play (found it with a Master of the Forge...man that card does some work). I think I got really lucky with my opening hand also...2 Forest Snares and a Dúnedain Hunter so i was able to to pull out an enemy, snare it and get started on a good foot.

Might even get brave and give it a go on normal mode...

May 01, 2016 Seastan 7779

@TrialusWow, congrats! That is a tough quest even on easy mode.

Jun 09, 2016 Ohnomycoco 1

Wow this deck is awesomely powerful and great fun to play - thanks !

Jul 20, 2016 Trialus 17

@Seastan So I've been continuing to use this deck on the Grey Havens and have still bee really enjoying it. So far I've gotten through Fate of Numenor...which took me a few tries to be honest. I have made a few changes that have worked out well for me and I thought I'd share them...I don't know that they make the deck "stronger," but they have worked well for me. First, I swapped out Descendants of Kings in favor of one Wingfoot and one Unexpected Courage because I like the repeatable readying better than as an event (also I have opportunities to grab them with Galadriel or Master of Lore). I also subbed out Tighten Our Belts, Dúnedain Hunter and Ranger Spikes for Warden of Healing, A Burning Brand and Entangling Nets. These three actually work very together. Although it probably constitutes a 3 card combo, there is such good card draw that it comes together pretty well. Entangling Nets makes it gives more opportunities to stay engaged with enemies due to the -2 ATK. With A Burning Brand on Aragorn it makes it pretty easy to take those attacks undefended without undefended and not worry about nasty shadow effects. If the enemy's ATK is high enough to get through his DEF even with the -2 then Warden of Healing can keep him going or one of the Gondorian Shield can give him some extra DEF.

Again, wouldn't really say these are better tan the original version, but they have served me well and been fun to play.

Nov 18, 2016 Seastan 7779

@TrialusI must have missed your post from so long ago. Sorry! But thanks for your comments, and I'll just say that I agree about Entangling Nets! The card wasn't out when I built this deck, but it is a perfect fit into the Dunedain Trapper archetype. Another solid new card is Armored Destrier.