Pretty Fly for a Scry Guy

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Pretty White for a Scry Guy 7 2 1 1.0
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Durins_Father 3075

--Short Description-- --Will expand later--

Support type deck, most effective with a quest/loc. control companion deck. Deck focuses on scrying and dealing with enemies straight out of the Encounter deck. Thalin gets to quest for more with Protector of Lórien and will damage more enemies if a copy of Expecting Mischief is played at the start of the quest phase.

Scrying can be done by Denethor, Risk Some Light, Rumour from the Earth,Interrogation and Henamarth Riversong to check for enemies.

Denethor should scry at the end of the Combat phase, he can ready after defending with Behind Strong Walls. To boost defense capabilities, use A Burning Brand and Gondorian Shield.

Damrod draws cards to fuel Protector of Lórien together with Daeron's Runes and Deep Knowledge. To lower the cost of traps even more, Masters of Lore will lower the cost of traps by 1 resource each. Allowing Forest Snare for free (after paying for the Masters).

Excess resources can be spend to boost the use of Arrows from the Trees. Excess can be spend on Warden of Healing.

--Longer description will be done soon--