Tim the Enchanting

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The Last Last Alliance of Elves and Men
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Pirate Brahm 606

Did you know that Prince Imrahil can be more than just a spirit ally that pals along with Caldara? Well, now that her time in the spotlight is over, consider playing with Imrahil. Look at that guy, using all that charisma to call up allies in his time of need. He's so enchanting. There are some who call him..Tim?

Prince Imrahil is the kind of hero that works well with lots of resources and expensive Tactics allies. You can use his ability to summon every ally in this deck with the exception of Gandalf. There's a fun mix of Warriors and Gondor allies with enters play and other features that you can use. Beorn's beast mode ability should be used every time he comes out, because he's getting shuffled in either way. Grimbold basically acts like extra copies of Feint, but I suppose you could keep him around for questing if you need it. Marksman of Lórien softens up enemy defense when it enters play, and Legolas equates to extra card draw. Envoy of Pelargir smooths out resources to Denethor when called up by the Prince. Déorwine's shadow cancellation can't be beat. And don't forget Boromir, because he'll take an attack and keep on fighting.

Most of the attachments go on the Prince, including Visionary Leadership and Heir of Mardil, both of which can be turned on using either Denethor or Steward of Gondor.

Since this deck can really fight, Wait no Longer is the perfect card to make sure it gets the opportunity to do so. Coupled with Mablung's ability to gain a resource from engaged enemies, it really only costs you one net resource to play.

The Sneak Attacks can be used to repeatedly toss Gandalf onto the table, and are also handy for sneaking Beorn into play and then back into your deck via his ability. Because who doesn't love it when Tim calls up the bear?

Note - The sideboard attachments are for pairing with a Noldor deck with Elrond and Glorfindel. Remove 2x Dúnedain Remedy, The Red Arrow, and Captain of Gondor.


Nov 26, 2017 TheChad 2721

Favorited because it’s a good deck and the Holy Grail ref.

Nov 27, 2017 eldub 260

@Pirate Brahm, do you have a link to the Noldor deck you've been pairing it with? This type of jumper deck is exactly the type of thing I'm interested in playing at the moment...and Noldor is definitely my jam as well.

Thanks for sharing!

Nov 27, 2017 Pirate Brahm 606

Thanks TheChad!

eldub- Glad you enjoy it! The companion deck is Old Salts (http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/6994)

Nov 27, 2017 Odsidian22 228

First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin, then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less.