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Hellkite 34

First of all, this is meant to be played in a multiplayer game. Ideally someone else is playing Elrond, so you can maximize the amount of healing you can get from Warden of Healing and Ioreth. The deck still works without Elrond in the game, but it certainly helps.

The Combo

You will want to get Mighty Warrior and Vigilant Guard both on Glóin as soon as possible. In order to do this you will also need Narvi's Belt. Hopefully you have one or two of the three pieces you will need for the entire combo in your starting hand. If you don't, you should at a minimum have Heed the Dream in your hand which should be able to get two parts of combo and grab Gather Information from Thurindir's setup ability for the third piece. You will want to take an early enemy to get a few resources on Gloin to help get everything attached to Glóin. In most games you should be able to get the full combo down by turn two or three with some healing and extra hit points hitting play shortly after that.


Whether you have the combo down or not, the rest of the deck works really well with Beorn. Honour Guard and Horn's Cry will both help keep him alive during those rounds where you will need to defend for a lot of different attacks. The most important though is Keep Watch. If you end up not needing Thurindir to grab Gather Information you have to get Keep Watch. This card will allow for so many more blocks from Beorn before needing to resurrect him. Speaking of resurrection... You have The Houses of Healing, Landroval, and Dori to either prevent death or bring him back for more punishment.

More the Merrier

Our group normally plays with four players and one of the most invaluable things that can happen during those games is a well timed Grim Resolve. Since we have all of these extra resources on Glóin, why not ready every character in the game with both Grim Resolve and with very little effort The Free Peoples. With this hero combination you already have six different Traits in play and by just dropping one Warden of Healing or Ioreth you are eight. Any one of eight more allies in the deck and bingo The Free Peoples are ready to be played.