Deck Tech: Rosie Cotton, Song-thain

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chrsjxn 2604

Hey everyone,

This is Chris, and this week we're going to boost Rosie Cotton as far as we can push her. Sword-thain lets her boost her own stats, and once she's a hero we can send her willpower sky high with Fireside Song!

Now if only her ability wasn't limit once per phase...


Starting off with our hero lineup. Stacking Rosie up with all these attachments requires a decent amount of time and a lot of card draw. Galadriel gives us both, keeping our threat stable and boosting our draw power.

Théodred, Arwen Undómiel, and Elven-light take that even further while providing a decent starting willpower.

Our ally package is skewed pretty heavily toward willpower, so you can quest past early enemies before you're ready to engage them. Treebeard and Guardian of Rivendell are usually enough for combat.

Elrond's Counsel is in the deck for a boost to threat reduction, and a willpower boost for Rosie when the combo is in place.

Video Thoughts:

First up on the video block this week is Journey Along the Anduin. It's a classic quest that rewards stalling early, and has a pretty high threat threshold before any really bad things happen.

Except for direct damage. You may have noticed a slight lack of healing in this deck as written. It didn't end up punishing me, though I did have to use Gandalf a few times to clear out enemies that were going to hurt.

And it took a long time to find the Sword-thain I needed for Rosie, but once we did, things got going very quickly. Nenya and Rosie quested for 30 in a round! Even though that was in stage 3 when it doesn't matter, I was still thrilled.

You can check out that video here, on youtube!

Thanks for watching!


Apr 10, 2018 Ryson 163

I absolutely love the idea of the deck ! It quite fun but might take some time to set up.

Have you thought about other way to put the combo in place ? Alternate hero like Galdor of the Havens/ Erestor for more drawing or maybe Denethor for more ressource turn 1 ?

You drop quite low in threat, have you thought about Resourceful ? If you can place them, you can think about quite costly drawing cardlike Lórien's Wealth or Keen as Lances.

It is not really important, but there is no reason to include Song of Battle in your deck. I would replace one of them by Song of Wisdom and the other one with another song (Song of Wisdom, Song of Travel, Song of Eärendil or even O Lórien! !). Just to calrify, you can attach multiple song of the same title to Rosie, once she is a hero :)

Thanks for Sharing the idea of this deck ! It looks fun to play.