5 wins vs attempts - Progressive Play #6

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matrosh 128

I decided to do little experiment and try how many attempts I will need to win 5 times with deck, also using progressive play, so only the cards, which were available at that time, when scenario was out. This is #6: A Journey to Rhosgobel.

In this quest you're trying to save dying eagle Wilyador. Its very tricky quest, where you are trying to balance damage tokens the way, that you're be able to heal the eagle in correct time and moment before you'll reach Rhosgobel.

Choice of heroes and attachments: Glorfindel was my obvious choice for main hero due access to sphere, strong questing and healing ability, which could slow down dying of the eagle. He is the main quester in this scenario and Unexpected Courage is for him, so he can be also used for fighting. Also Song of Kings and Steward of Gondor are for him, because his allies are the most expensive. Legolas was chosen as main fighter mostly because he is ranged, and many of the enemies in this quest can be handled only be ranged characters or eagles. Blade of Gondolin and Dúnedain Mark are for him to boost his attack and his ability. Horn of Gondor is also for him, because allies are expensive and due treachery cards, lot of them are dying during the game. Frodo Baggins was chosen as main defender due his ability. Most of the time he was questing together with Glorfindel and the attacks were undefended since there aren't much strong enemies and the threat rising is not big deal in this quest. But from time to time, he was defending with Protector of Lórien.

Ancient Mathom was chosen due quick access to new cards, mainly as cheap and quick solution when you need to get Radagast or Lore of Imladris on the table. Born Aloft was used for Gandalf or Miner of the Iron Hills.

Choice of allies: Radagast for ability to gather resources and heal wounded eagles. He was also able to pay for Winged Guardian, so he made it easier for Legolas. Rivendell Minstrel for providing the Song of Kings as soon as possible. Escort from Edoras for high questing number and whole list of ranged characters, which were chosen for fight and defense: Haldir of Lórien, Horseback Archer, Winged Guardian. Most useless was suprisingly Northern Tracker which was mostly not needed, and he can be replace by another copy of Escort from Edoras.

Events: Lore of Imladris is must have for this scenario and very good is also A Test of Will and Hasty Stroke.

I won 5 games in 7 attempts. This whole scenario was a lot of fun to play and it showed me how different the game really could be from one scenario to another, constantly forcing you to change the game-playing style and make difficult choices. I really enjoy this one and I think that it's even harder to manage it, then in Conflict at Carrock scenario.