Reclaiming Khazad-Dûm


This is my first try on assembling a fellowship and it still has to prove itself in battle. Advice on improving the fellowship is very welcome.

In order to make the best use of Dain Ironfoot, this fellowship contains a lot of dwarf characters.

Leadership deck:

Glóin + Steward of Gondor + Song of Mocking is used for resource generation. Using Narvi's Belt, Song of Travel, Song of Wisdom and Song of Battle, these can be spent on expensive cards from all spheres like Beorn, Gildor Inglorion or Fortune or Fate. The other decks can therefore focus on cheaper cards. If needed, resources can also be redistributed to other players using Parting Gifts. Sneak Attack allows Gandalf to show up several times.

Lore deck:

The lore deck fulfills two main functions: generate card draws and heal Glóin. Rivendell Minstrel provides the Leadership deck with songs. Additionally, A Burning Brand and Gildor's Counsel are a good addition to reduce hazard from the encounter deck.

Spirit deck:

The main purpose of the spirit deck is, of course, questing and exploring locations. Northern Tracker is especially useful for getting rid of locations. Unexpected Courage, A Test of Will and hasty stroke are extremely useful cards and can be literal game changers.

Tactics deck:

Gimli + Citadel Plate can be an extremely strong fighter, especially when equipped with Dúnedain Cache. Legolas helps to move the quest along. I find Thalin's special ability extremely useful in 4 player games, especially when Dain Ironfoot is in play. Sentinel an ranged warriors are preferred over others in order to support the other players. I really like the special ability of Gondorian Spearman as well as Swift Strike, which sometimes make it possible to kill an opponent before he does any damage and without exhausting an attacker.


Jan 13, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 628

This looks pretty good. Swift Strike does require you to exhaust a character, though. You exhaust the character, declaring as a defender, then you can trigger Swift Strike; potentially killing the attacking enemy.

Jan 13, 2018 fabimabi 7

Hi Wandalf, thanks for the comment! You are correct, you must exhaust a defender before triggering swift strike, but you do not need to exhaust another character to kill the enemy (if you are lucky), is what I meant.

Jan 13, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 628

Oh, I see. That is true!