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Sfrug 329

50 cards is the rule for official play; but lots of people hold you can have smaller decks in private games. By which they mean, oh, 40, maybe 30. But what if one really abandoned any notion of the maximum number of cards? Well, one option is this seven-card deck.

(Note: this Deck should have no allies, and no lore cards. But RingsDB wouldn't let it publish that way. So I put in lore allies just to pad out the count enough to publish. This deck, as imagined actually has only the seven cards comprising the attachments/events.)

In the first round, you draw all your cards. Play A Good Harvest, allowing you to play Steward of Gondor on Boromir and Song of Hope on Éowyn. Exhaust the Steward, get the two resources & use them to buy two Resourcefuls; put both on Eowyn. Play Blood of Númenor and Gondorian Fire, both on Boromir. You have now played your entire deck.

Every round, you will get three resources for each hero. Spend two of Boromir's to increase his attack and defense by the number of extra resources he has, which should start at 1 in round two, and increase by 1 every round. Spend all three of Eowyn's boosting her willpower to 7.

Alternately, if you were willing to settle for Eowyn questing for 6, and for not putting out your entire hand until round two, you could replace song of hope with Strider, and put the resourcefuls as well as the steward on boromir, and play Strider on Eowyn in round 2. You'd get slightly less questing, and a whole lot more combat.

(In theory, you could put all eight cards in your deck. But then you wouldn't draw one until round two, which could mess you up in various ways. It will certainly delay your set-up by a round, and you might not get to purchase both resourcefuls while in secrecy (although, the loss of the willpower from the loss of that extra resource would definitely be made up by the extra +2 that eowyn would quest for from having strider.) The main objection I suppose is that it rather spoils the elegance of the deck.


Nov 18, 2018 eddyvan 28

A Good Harvest won't work with Song of Hope. You need a resource match for "0" cost cards.

FAQ v1.9 Page 13 :

Q: Can I used A Good Harvest (AtS 10) to play a 0 cost card without a resource match?

A: No. A Good Harvest only allows you to spend resources for the named sphere, a resource match is still needed to play cards with no resource cost.

Nov 18, 2018 Sfrug 329

Oops. Didn't know that. Thanks for the heads up.

Suppose I'd have to swap in Song of Kings instead; but it would mean taking an extra round to get set up, which rather spoils the elegance. Drat.

Nov 18, 2018 eddyvan 28

Plus I don't think a max of 8 for the whole game with be enough for a lot of quests. Especially the ones that have you draw an additional card during staging.

Nov 20, 2018 Goggen 106

You could take out both Resourceful and Song of Hope, and include Strider, Wealth of Gondor and Celebrían's Stone.

You'll set up just as fast. Quest for 9 total (including on round 1) and the ruling regarding Song of Hope won't be an issue.

Nov 20, 2018 Goggen 106

Ooops - forget that. I forgot that wealth of gondor is ... Must be tired.

Guess I'd then sugest to put in Strider, The Red Arrow and a copy of Spare Hood and Cloak.

Arod could also be an option in stead of The Red Arrow, depending on the quest.