Decorate the Tree(beard)

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GrandSpleen 1011

The season is upon us again and it's time for another marginally functional Christmas deck!

This year we are decorating the Christmas Tree. Brand son of Bain and his son Bard son of Brand enjoy decorating for the holidays; give ornaments (attachments) to Bard, and Brand. If he isn't holding an ornament presently, Brand will replace it! Then, move those ornaments over to Treebeard and light up the evening with sparkles of purple, green, red, and blue!

As for a plain description of the mini-game here: play an attachment on Bard. Try to keep attachments off of him, so that when you play one on him, you will draw a card via Brand's effect. Brand is also a target for this. Then, use Long Lake Trader to move the attachment over to Treebeard, on the tree where it belongs. Note that only Item attachments can be moved this way (you'll have to play Self Preservation directly onto Treebeard). If you have the resources, you can play the DĂșnedain Mark and DĂșnedain Remedy onto Bard and then pay to move them onto Treebeard, in order to draw cards.

Resist the temptation to fill up this deck with Dale allies, because they will steal away your ornaments! The allies here are included to avoid any tri-sphere deck resource complications, and because they bring some needed stats to the table.

Does the deck actually work? Well, yes, after a fashion! I only tested it against easy or relatively easy quests; with Ungoliant's Spawn being revealed on turn 2, it did solo the old starter quest Passage through Mirkwood. Against Treachery of Rhudaur, it failed as a solo deck. When paired when my A Very Rohan Christmas deck, it eked out a... loss! on easy mode. It came down to the last card, though. I drew a Sorcery treachery, which healed up Thaurdir and caused a loss via threat out-- any other card would have been a win! Just a jokey theme deck, but it can pull a bit of weight.

A main challenge is that some of the attachments you use on Treebeard aren't actually all that helpful. None are useless, although Grappling Hook in particular is not bringing much to the table. There are very few non-restricted tactics attachment options here! But I wanted to be able to decorate Treebeard with at least 4 different colors, so Merry Christmas!

So break out the Eggnog and have a good time!

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Dec 03, 2018 Yepesnopes 979

just for your opening sentence it deserves a like!

Dec 04, 2018 GrandSpleen 1011

If I said anything otherwise, Santa might leave a lump of coal in my stocking.

Dec 04, 2018 mrbonanza 1

maybe ask Santa for a master of the forge, if he's not too busy working on toys...

Dec 05, 2018 Seastan 24732

Your tree could really use some Inspiring Presents!

Dec 06, 2018 GrandSpleen 1011

Ah, ye olde prints-prince merger. I do love me some epenthetic T.