The Old Forest: Solo Build

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RedSpiderr 150

This deck is built to accompany the analysis of The Old Forest found on the blog Vision of the Palantir. [] This deck works off the premise that you have chosen Black RIders Frodo Baggins as your Fellowship hero for managing the encounter deck.

In your opening hand you want to have a copy of The Road Goes Ever On to pair with Thurindir's pick of side-quests. In this case, The Storm Comes is the one he should start with to enable the easier summoning of allies. Attach The Road Goes Ever On to The Storm Comes before you complete it so you can then fetch your next side-quest: Gather Information. With this you can hunt down whatever card you need the most, be it Unexpected Courage, Thrór's Key or Quickbeam. I'd recommend finding Necklace of Girion and giving it to Idraen when you get the chance, giving her extra willpower and evening out the resources. Idraen should be questing every time, so put Warden of Arnor and especially Map of Rhovanion on her to maximise her actions. Once a location is explored, she'll be ready for combat. I'd suggest making the most of her 3 attack and giving her Legacy Blade to capitalize on it. Thurindir and Beravor should be given Leather Boots, with the amount f locations coming at you this is an no-brainer.

The general strategy is to complete side-quests as you explore locations. The more side-quests you complete the stronger your deck becomes, boosting Thurindir's willpower, Legacy Blade's attack, and even giving you an extra hero with Thalion. East Road Ranger gets her willpower boosted when trying to clear side-quests so make the most of that. Reduce your threat with Double Back and Woodmen's Clearing, and use Beravor/Leather Boots to draw as many cards as possible to keep things ticking over.