Spirit of the Wolf Deck 1 : Protection of the Pack

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Spirit of the Wolf
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Allison of Brand 64


This is a 4-decks serie that follows 3 rules :

  • Rule n°1 : only and cards are used to make the 4 decks.
  • Rule n°2 : no more than 3 copies of a card for THE ENTIRE 4-DECKS SERIE. So no 4 x 3 A Test of Will, even if it's sexy on paper.
  • Rule n°3 : I'm a casual player and i don't play with errata, i don't care, i play for fun !

A great thanks to The Purple Wizard for his Green Anaconda decks that inspired me !

This is the deck 1 which focuses on defense. You are the first contact when enemies come to the pack. You protect the feebles, the children and the injured.

Your main purpose is to protect the other decks. If you can avoid to engage enemies, do it because you won't be able to kill the enemy by yourself. Let the Deck 3 engage the enemies and block them for him. You have a lot of characters with Sentinel to defend everybody. Unexpected Courage, Miruvor, Desperate Defense, Magic Ring and Westfold Horse-Breaker are here to ready Beregond, the main defender of the pack. Zigil Miner gives you a sh*tload of ressources to boost Beregond's equipped with Blood of Númenor. If you don't have Imladris Stargazer to look at your deck, say "one" : you have 21 cards that cost 1. Narya will give you a little boost to to 2 Sentinel allies if needed and will permit 2 more blocking. Or you can also boost of 2 allies of Deck 3. With Narya, Círdan the Shipwright becomes , so you can pay the second effect of Inspiring Presence if your companions need some buff.

I chose Bilbo Baggins because he can occasionnally take a big attack and Small Target is fun (and Silver Lamp helps to look at the shadow card dealt). But if you are not convinced by him, you have 2 other heroes in the sideboard to replace him and some cards to replace Small Target, depending on which hero you choose. Fastred will help you to return the enemy to the staging area, which is convenient for you because you can't really kill it by yourself and thus, Deck 3 can later engage that enemy. Théoden is here if you need another Sentinel character from the start. You won't really use his other ability, because you'll have at most 6 Rohan allies.

Your ressource engines are Zigil Miner and Magic Ring and your draw engine is Círdan the Shipwright.


Mar 30, 2019 The Purple Wizard 719

Why thank you! It was far from an original idea on my part, but I'm glad to see it has inspired you. I really like the name you picked. :) You've certainly taken on a tougher challenge here than I did, using no more than three copies of cards. But you can actually play yours in real life with just one collection!

Have you gotten to play any quests with this fellowship yet? If so, how did they go?

Also, could you go ahead and create a "Fellowship" on this site that includes all four of your decks? It makes it much easier for someone else to find them and it gives you and others a better space to comment on the design as a whole.

Mar 30, 2019 The Purple Wizard 719

I just went back and found the fellowship that first inspired me. He doesn't stick to the max-three-cards rule you've chosen, but I bet you'd have fun comparing notes anyway. You can find it here. www.ringsdb.com

Mar 30, 2019 Allison of Brand 64

Thank you for appreciating my decks =D

I'm new on the site and i didn't know that we can regroup the decks in "Fellowship", thank you for pointing it !

I wanted to say in the description that it was "budget friendly" but 3 x Unexpected Courage and such are not really budget friendly !

I played several scenarios and they performed very well ! Too well to be honest. I thought that the lack of way of healing would be hurtful but finally i managed to get through with no harm. Even Deck 1 was able to kill some enemies by itself with no help from the other decks ! Actually i was quite satisfied by the synergy of the decks, it really worked like intended : everyone interacted with each other very well, no one was let down and the retaliation was pretty epic... Just like a pack of wolves =)

Apr 01, 2019 doomguard 118

nice idea!