Ringmaker: Chumps Quest for Saruman

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RidderMarc 42

Half of my Ringmaker fellowship, focusing on Elves with a little help from the Dunedain.

"Chump Questing": Bring in Silvan allies (cheap with O Lórien!), with decent WP (boosted by Celeborn), who don't exhaust to quest (thanks to Galadriel). Then have them chump block, and if they don't survive, bring 'em back with Orophin and do it again.

The high WP available allows Idraen to quest every turn, confident that the active location will be cleared and she'll be ready to attack. Protector of Lórien and Northern Tracker helps a lot. (Also, a weapon such as the Dagger of Westernesse, from the other deck, makes for a nice attachment for her).

Steward goes on Galadriel, so she can pay for those expensive Northern trackers. Celeborn makes a good target for Horn of Gondor. There's enough neutrals in the deck that unneeded leadership resources won't go to waste.

This deck has a high starting threat, especially considering it is paired with a deck that uses Gríma and Doomed extensively. It is responsible for threat reduction for both decks, so The Galadhrim's Greeting can lower threat exclusively for the partner deck while sneaking/playing Gandalf handles this one.

I like Unexpected Courage on Galadriel so she can pitch in with threat reduction, but give it to someone else in quests that punish card draw. Celeborn is a good target, but Éowyn in the other deck is perfect if she's got a Golden Shield. Another idea is to add Snowmane to this deck, to give to Éowyn.

Be careful using the mirror if important Spirit cards are in hand, unless you already have Dwarven Tomb.

Play around with the Sideboard cards for some other nifty combos. Cut The Riddermark's Finest if you want to stay on-theme, though the partner deck is Rohan so I'm OK running it.


Jul 25, 2019 RidderMarc 42

Halfway through my VoI + Ringmaker campaign, I'm really happy with the way this deck is performing. I knew Galadriel + Celeborn would be formidable when given access to a lot of Silvan allies, but this feels boarderline OP as a quest + support deck. I think it would probably play pretty well solo, especially if some boosts were added.

Also it is easy to overlook Idraen as a third wheel here. Don't! Her built-in readying effect is a huge benefit given how fast this deck clears locations.