Gondor Boromir - Into Ithilien

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Gondor goes Into Ithilien
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Adaepholn 69

A Leadership Boromir deck, that tries to use his ability to win against Into Ithilien. I have listed some other quests I have tried this deck against in the description of the Fellowship. I have tried to use Gondor allies where I can, but I don't really have enough good Gondor allies with my current card pool to build a fully thematic deck.

The general strategy is to get lots of allies in play, most of which can be boosted by Boromir and Visionary Leadership. I always aim to get Steward of Gondor on Boromir as quickly as possible so I can rely on his ability and pay for more cards. I mulligan for Steward in every quest.

Against Into Ithilien I will always try to clear the Road round 1, which can be difficult. I leave Eleanor ready to cancel Watcher in the Wood or Southron Support, and quest with Boromir and Prince Imrahil as well as with Minas Tirith Lampwright or Errand-rider if I get them early on. I try to leave Boromir with a resource to boost Celador and any potential Ithilien Guardians. With the other deck I can usually reach ~14 questing with Celador which isn't enough to guarantee clearing the road but most of the time is enough, sometimes with help from the other deck using Radagast's Cunning. I have also used Sneak Attack Gandalf round 1 to clear the road.

I then try to avoid this deck engaging the Southron Companies for the first few rounds while it tries to build up allies. I also try to avoid playing Galadriel on stage 1 without a healer as it just damages Celador.

I always aim to keep Celador alive and progress to stage 3 without too many non-Southron Company enemies in the staging area.

If I get Visionary Leadership it makes stage 3 quite easy, and if I have For Gondor! I will try to save it for stage 4 as I have found it can really help to clear it in one round with so many Gondor allies getting a +1 boost. I find I normally have to quest with almost everyone with any on stage 4 as I can't endure the extra threat raise for many rounds.

I will normally avoid questing with too many 1 allies or any wounded heroes if there are still any Blocking Wargs in the encounter deck, and will usually leave Anborn ready to protect against engaging too many enemies, as he can stop the Morgul Spiders engaging when they have boosted attack.

Attachments-wise, I put Steward, Visionary Leadership, Blood of NĂºmenor and Steed of the Mark on Boromir. The Marks and Warnings I put where I feel they are most needed, similarly with Unexpected Courage. If Denethor from the other deck has A Burning Brand I will usually put Courage on him.

I will sometime use the Minas Tirith Lampwright after Blocking Wargs and name Treachery on stage 1 or 4 if there are still horrible treacheries (anything but Lost Companion) left in the encounter deck. I will name Enemy on stage 3 if Eleanor is ready to try to avoid having too many enemies in play. Gandalf almost always is used for damage, but I have sometimes used it for threat reduction on stage 4 if I am not confident I will clear it in one round.

If anyone has any suggestions for how to improve this deck I'd be happy to hear them!


Mar 17, 2020 Adaepholn 69

I have recently realised that I have been using Anborn completely wrong, I thought his ability was much the same as Fresh Tracks. Although for some enemies it does give much the same result, it wouldn't work against Morgul Spiders. This invalidates the above remarks about Anborn, but I think his ability can still be useful against enemies like the Mumak and Southron Companies.