The White Wizard Arrives

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Mr. Underhill 3237

This is the deck I played for the Siege of Annuminas epic multiplayer livestream.

I think the new Saruman hero is among the strongest multiplayer heroes in the game, simply because the Doomed events are so powerful and Saruman's Staff mitigates their drawback.

This build is essentially "Saruman goodstuff" and takes on in a supporting role, but can still handle itself in questing and combat. At the start of the game, I take the first player seat and aim to play Saruman's Staff, Legacy of NĂºmenor and Deep Knowledge on Turn 1 in order to get a fast start over the encounter deck. I managed to do this in our game which helped to power up the other players at our table.

Saruman's Staff is a crucial card for this deck. I either mulligan for it or use cards like Daeron's Runes and Word of Command to get it as quickly as possible. Also, I knew that Samthemangamgee would be playing a Gondor swarm deck, so I added Heed the Dream as another way of fetching it and to make use of his leftover Leadership resources in the late game.

The other heroes are here for stats and table support. Beregond can defend around the table and I use his ability on whoever needs it to counteract the small threat increases from Doomed. Glorfindel is here for his stats and low starting threat. He can be swapped for Eleanor if someone else wants to use him.

Generally the deck is easy to play but there are meaningful decisions around which cards to fetch based on the board state, and when to play Doomed events to help the team. The Wizards's Voice is especially powerful and can turn a game on its head. I usually limit myself to one Doomed card per round, but using The Seeing-stone or Far-sighted can be helpful if it lets you ready Saruman and kill an enemy.

I'm not sure this deck is solo viable but it's a blast to play at a four player table.


The Siege of Annuminas (4 players):

Wrath and Ruin (2 players):


Mar 28, 2020 bobbymcbobface 266

Just watched y'alls play of Siege of Annuminas. Great job! Love the support and opportunities with this game!

Mar 28, 2020 Denison 563

Inspiring Presence is another card that looks fantastic, but probably best for high player counts.

Apr 30, 2020 Thorsome 15

I have been playing this a bit solo and it is really good. I don't end up using Legacy as its effect is much better in multiplayer (unless I need to ready). I have added ally Elrond as a target for Horns!Horns! to remove any condition attachments on the heroes or heal. If it were possible to get Elfhelm in play that might be a threat mitigation tool as well. Keeping a weak enemy in play for Beregond has worked well so far to manage threat.

Apr 30, 2020 Mr. Underhill 3237

@ThorsomeNice! I am glad it is working well for you as a solo deck.