Eagleback Archer

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Meneldor the Phoenix
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The Purple Wizard 719

This is deck 3 of the Meneldor the Phoenix fellowship.

What's more fun than an eagle deck? Two eagle decks! (Also correct: a barrel-full of monkeys. Probably.)

You've got eagles here and all the fun events. Legolas gets The One Ring and grabs a copy of The Master Ring for his first hand. That's the only encounter deck cancellation in the whole fellowship so use it wisely. It may be best to plan ahead of time which treachery you think will wreck you most and save it for that.

Other decks will be handing you Rohan Warhorses for Legolas. You can buy a Support of the Eagles and try to involve him in every kill you can, making progress with each one. Get his kill count up there! He can also help during questing with Hands Upon the Bow or snipe someone before they attack with Quick Strike. He may also get extra attacks out of Merry or Brand son of Bain attacking with him, if the enemy is engaged with this deck.

Beregond is here to take the biggest attacks as soon as he can. He'll have help coming his way eventually from the Armory deck, but take make him truly safe give him a Support of the Eagles. He might be a little vulnerable early on but by the end he should be able to handle anything with ease. Feint and Behind Strong Walls are good cards to see early while you build up.

Merry quests most of the time, unless he's in danger from direct damage. He'll be getting weapons from the Armory deck so keep him back when you need to play a Foe-hammer.

Book of Eldacar can recur most of the events, but crucially it CANNOT recur Foe-hammer, which is a response rather than an action. If you need card draw you can use it on The Eagles Are Coming!.

With The One Ring, you need to be more careful than the other decks with your threat, even though you start lower than the rest of them. There are nine copies of Secret Vigil among the other decks so that will usually be more than enough, but Gandalf can provide some emergency reduction if necessary, or card draw if you're hurting there.