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Adaepholn 44

A Hobbit deck built using cards from the first 2 cycles, HoN, EaAD, TMV and the first 4 LotR saga boxes.

This deck was built for two-handed play, see the Fellowship for the other deck.

This deck was built to handle most of the combat. Bilbo can be loaded up with 2 Ring Mails, A Burning Brand, Fast Hitch and Hobbit Cloak from the other deck to become a good defender. Arwen can use her boost to give Bilbo sentinel. Merry is a good attacker with 2 Daggers of Westernesse attached, and some of the allies are good for attacking as well: Legolas, Skinbark, Boromir and Quickbeam

Elf-stone helps to get some of the more expensive allies into play. I did find that without the Songs of Battle or E;f-stone it was tricky to get the Tactics allies into play, but the extra draw from Bilboand Pippin helps to get the Songs.

Pippin quests most rounds, and just helps to draw extra cards and avoid engaging some enemies early on.

For scenarios without condition attachments I swapped the Miner of the Iron Hills for Forest Patrol. For A Shadow of the Past I replaced Gildor's Counsel with Frodo's Intuition.

I didn't really like this deck much, but I will probably revisit an all Hobbit fellowship with a larger collection. For results see the Fellowship description.

Any feedback is welcome!