Dunedain Faithful

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Faithful Hoofs across the Sea
Hoofs of Fate
Faithful Hoofs Aflame
Flight of the Faithful Hoofs
Faithful Hoofs out of the Depths
Yo ho, yo ho, a Dunedain's Life for Me
Fate of the Dunedain
Can't Outrun the Faithful
Dunedain along the Anduin
Rescuing Thurindir from Dol Guldur
Faithful up the Anduin
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Dreaded Faithful
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Hoofs of the Drowned Faithful
Hoofs Faithfully Thundering amid the Storm
Thundering Hoofs Faithful in the City
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Elessar010 418

Elessar010 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Dunedain Faithful

This is my primary Dunedain deck, which fits into the "engage enemies" archetype. I play this solo, and it has succeeded against a variety of quests. Like most Dunedain, it is slow to get going, but often, I feel like when it goes, it snowballs and dominates. Lately, I've played it alongside my other pet deck, Thunder of Hoofs.


Of course, I started with Aragorn in this deck, and added from there. Although Amarthiul gains the icon, and there are not many cards, I just wanted Aragorn for the - 1 effect, and the ability to engage enemies from elsewhere.

Amarthiul is the A1 defender, and will need some attachments rather quickly, especially readying. He doesn't do much else besides defend, but if the game is going well, I can attack with him, also. But, that's a rarity. Arwen, of course, quests and generates resources. She's also there for card draw with Elven-light, and to reduce my threat.


I stacked the usual "engage enemies" allies here, with Guardian of Arnor and Fornost Bowman. I also ran this for a while with Warden of AnnĂșminas as well, but, since Dunedain need quickly, and I don't want to wait to get multiple enemies, I just ride with the Ethir Swordsman. The Ranger of Cardolan is nice-to-have and Gandalf is really a safety valve. I didn't even include him until playing Lost in Mirkwood. I also wanted to have an ally that stuck around, so I added a couple copies of Halbarad.


Armored Destrier and DĂșnedain Warning are for Amarthiul, and Aragorn will get the Sword that was Broken, of course, enabling him to help pay for all these leadership cards. He also will get Heir of Valandil, and with at least 2 enemies engaged, the cost reduction on those allies is fantastic. Ancient Mathom was added just for card draw emergencies, and Warrior Swordis Aragorn's main weapon. I usually give 1 Unexpected Courage to Aragorn, and 1 to Amarthiul, but I prioritize Amarthiul.


Most here are pretty basic, and obvious. But, I swap in a few events for quest needs. I also added Foe-hammer for more card draw options. I love getting a Descendants of Kings off with 3 or more enemies! Originally, I ran this without Sneak Attack, or Foe-Hammer, but once I added those, it became quite consistent, as long as there was some sort of opening-hand card draw available.