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kobeljic 136

This deck will quest all the time, leaving space for the other deck to defend/attack with. Mulligan for Horn of the Mark - otherwise the deck will stall out in a couple of rounds due to playing all the cards from your hand.

Théoden gives you some discount on allies you actually play VS the ones you cheat in using Lothíriel. He wants his attachments to be effective - Herugrim, Snowmane and Unexpected Courage so he can be useful multiple times. Given he is a sentinel, putting a Golden Shield provided by the other deck on him makes a lot of sense.

Lothíriel should have Horn of the Mark and cheat allies in on every round. Éowyn can quest and discard uniques you no longer need from your hand.

Combo: this can be done on multiple levels, I'll outline the ideal version here:

  • Éomund is in your hand, Gamling is in play already
  • play The Muster of Rohan to cheat up to four allies in from the top 10 cards of your deck, commit all of them to quest
  • optional: play Astonishing Speed if you need a lot of willpower + got the money for it
  • before resolving the quest, cheat Éomund into play using Lothíriel
  • quest for a million points
  • Éomund leaves play, exhaust Gamling to keep him in your hand instead of deck, then ready all rohan characters
  • Eomund trick can be cycled by using Gamling

May 30, 2020 Alonewolf87 511

Some Silver Circlet would be useful, especially on Théoden

May 30, 2020 kobeljic 136

Since this is strictly a multiplayer deck, willpower was never a problem so I didn't include more sources of it deliberately. The other deck from this fellowship has Elfhelm so adding mounts to heroes acts as +1 to heroes they are attached to.

Also I wanted to reserve restricted slots on Théoden for Herugrim and Golden Shield, it works pretty well with the boost he gets from Snowmane.

May 30, 2020 Xikitins 61

Cheated characters with Lothiriel doesn’t work with Gamling. Only escort from edoras because of the forced. Lothiriel gives them back to the deck. They are not discarded, so they can not be returned to hand

May 30, 2020 kobeljic 136

@Xikitins thanks, missed that! Although it doesn't break the deck, it just prevents you from recycling Eomund.