Journey Along the Anduin: Tactics/Leadership (one Core Set)

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Journey Along the Anduin - 4 spheres (one Core Set)
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Uulriqus 4

This is one of the two decks built to for the second quest of the Core Set, Journey Along the Anduin (the other having and heroes). It has a starting of 32, so we'll have to engage the Hill Troll on the first round. Now, with a little bit of luck in the starting hand we might draw Feint and block this enemy's attack right away. Otherwise we can defend with Gimli, who will get 4 damages and next turn he'll have an attack of 6 (2 standard + 4 thanks to his ability). However, if Hill Troll is dealt a shadow card who gives him even just a +1 attack, Gimli is dead. This happened to me a couple times: once I had a Hasty Stroke in the other deck's hand so I could negate it, the other time I was screwed... On the second round, still with a bit of luck, we may have in our hand both Sneak Attack and Gandalf. Thus we can play him for just 1 resource and deal 4 damage to Hill Troll and then defend with Aragorn and attack with both Legolas and Gimli. We may use Gandalf himself to defend or attack if he didn't already quest (or ready him with Ever Vigilant). As for the other cards, at least one of the Steward of Gondor should be attached to Aragorn, since we have only one resource each round, instead of the two 's. A copy of Unexpected Courage found in the other deck could be attached to him as well. Aragorn would now be extremely powerful: he could quest and then ready himself with a resource from his pool (thanks to his power) and then ready again with Unexpected Courage to attack! As for other allies, I found Gondorian Spearman useful to kill enemies such as Eastern Crows with just his ability. Snowbourn Scout may be useful if we need someone to defend against a significant attack in order not to exhaust any hero. And we can also place 1 progress on any location. Not bad for just 1 resource! Finally Citadel Plate is very expensive, but it could be attached to Gimli: with 9 health points, he could get as much as +8 attack now! Or we could attach the card to Aragorn if we want him to defend. Alright, I hope that you enjoyed my deck! If you fancy, take a look at my other deck ( and ) built to progress through this nasty quest!


Jun 12, 2020 kattattack22 202

In case you did not know, you can publish decks together as a Fellowship. This will link your Lore/Spirit deck to this one. The Fellowship will also have a page showing both decklists.

Jun 13, 2020 Uulriqus 4

@kattattack22Thank you, I added my First Fellowship now! I'm new to this website, so I have many things to learn yet.

Jun 13, 2020 kattattack22 202

@Uulriqus, I'm glad to help! I hope to see more of your decks :)