Lords of the Silvan Elves

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Celebrimbor's Secret - 2 Players - 2020-06-21
The Antlered Crown - 2 Players - 2020-06-21
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Deadmen's Dike - 2 Players - 2020-06-24
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The One Elven Fellowship
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Taudir 137

As early as possible, the Steward of Gondor should be attached to Thranduil, so that the three Dúnedain Warnings can be passed on to needy defenders without any problems. So is the Ancestral Armor, the Elven Mail and the Song of Wisdom, with which you can attach A Burning Brand to Thranduil. The Elvenking in combination with Thranduil’s combat action allows you to build a defender for all enemies, especially if the Unexpected Courage is attached to him by the partner deck. With a Greenwood Archer, Thranduil can defend four times without shadow effects at best. Legolas is upgraded to a top attacker. Here, too, the Signal attachments play an important role, in conjunction with Orcrist, the Dúnedain Marks can also be moved easily if necessary. If the Song of Wisdom can be used to play Lore cards, Glamdring should follow as soon as possible, in conjunction with the Golden Belt and the War Axe, as well as an Unexpected Courage of the partner deck, at least two enemies per round will be killed by Legolas alone with an attack strength of 13, and it will allow 4 Progress Markers to be placed on the current location or adventure per round. Arod is a nice addition, especially in connection with Asfaloth you can eliminate locations very quickly. For Celeborn there are only Necklace of Girion, which, like Steward of Gondor and Orcrist, also provides an additional resource and +2 will power. In addition, O Lórien! can be attached to him to reduce the cost of the first Silvan ally played in each round by 1. Resources should no longer be a problem at some point, as should be card draw, with Galadriel helping. The combat action, a centerpiece of the deck, helps the partner deck. These effects can be achieved mainly with the Galadhon Archer and the Marksman of Lórien, each of them can help both players. The Greenwood Archer can also be very helpful if, for example, all heroes had to be exhausted by an encounter card effect. In combination with Elrond from the partner deck, the Silvan Tracker is of great value. He gives every Silvan character in the game regeneration 2, if all three are put on the table, damage should no longer be a problem. Many action cards are unnecessary due to the combat actions and attachments. Hands Upon the Bow is useful if, for example, you want to attach a guarded attachment immediately, or to make more progress at the end of the adventure. Feint is always helpful, but mostly unnecessary when both decks have unfolded. It is very helpful, especially at the beginning. Sneak Attack is mainly used for Gandalf, especially for threat reduction. The two Gandalfs in the deck can be used three times. Feigned Voices is a kind of Feint, but it works well with Thranduil’s combat action. The Elvenking, also in connection with Thranduil’s combat action, is very powerful. If a large Army of Elves is already in place, each round of Rúmil can kill a more or less powerful enemy before he can attack. Since most of the Silvan allies in this deck have the keyword, after some time you can easily kill enemies with 6 or more hit points. Orophin is also very powerful in connection with the Elvenking. If encounter deck card effects force you to drop many cards, at least the allies can be picked up again. Although Rúmil and Orophin are relatively expensive, after a few rounds with Steward, Necklace, Orcrist and O Lórien, resources are no longer a problem. With this deck, the partner deck can be relieved of a combative burden, which focuses on achieving adventure progress and keeping the threat constant in the lower range.