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silver_sliver 13

This deck and Khazad-dûm - Brent's Deck are designed to get you through the Khazad-dûm deluxe expansion.

Note this uses cards from one copy of the following: Core Set, Hunt for Gollum APs, and Khazad-dûm expansion.

This deck primarily focuses on questing, card draw, and some minor threat reduction.


Dáin Ironfoot is a great card for this cycle. Dáin's card ability becomes more powerful and useful with every Dwarf character that is played. Dáin is a good candidate for the Steward of Gondor helping buy Leadership cards. If you find there are a lot of Leadership resources use Bifur's card ability to boost the number of Lore resources.

Dwalin is fairly versatile he can quest in a pinch for 2 (thanks to Dáin). If possible attaching Dúnedain Cache is a great way to reduce the high starting threat of this deck.

Éowyn is a fantastic quester, attaching Celebrían's Stone only solidifies her status as the dedicated quester.


Faramir is a great ally but his Action is super useful to get past these quests since they can accumulate a large amount of threat.

Not only does Snowbourn Scout place a progress token on a location it also makes a great chump if you need to have some take a hit.

I recommend using West Road Traveller and Zigil Miner for the extra .

Honestly, unless you just have an abundance of resources I don't recommend Northern Tracker. Northern Tracker can be good to get rid of some locations but is kinda costly.

Final Thoughts

Narvi's Belt could be great to play on any hero to help ease resources for either player.

I recommend trying to get at least one copy of Durin's Song and/ or Untroubled by Darkness. It can really help easy questing early on.