Uncle Moneybags

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plessiosaurus 19

plessiosaurus has a newer deck inspired by this one: Uncle Moneybags

To be a good steward is to make use of the resources you have for the good of others. This deck is constructed around that great "Uncle Moneybags" who we all wish we had.

Intended for multi-player play, especially with 3 or more players, this deck takes advantage of several game mechanics:

  1. Resource acceleration through many means, Steward of Gondor is a good one to mulligan for, and as many Resourceful cards as you can dig up. Also The Grey Wanderer adds additional resources every round if you will it.
  2. Resource smoothing using Parting Gifts, Errand-rider, Denethor's ability in conjunction with In Service of the Steward.
  3. Card draw for the whole group using Valiant Sacrifice, The White Council and Campfire Tales.
  4. The ability to play attachments on any character from any player, featuring an extensive sideboard of the most critical attachments that people mulligan for on other heroes.
  5. This deck also features card draw to bring out those "most critical attachments", even off-sphere ones that can be carefully utilized due to The Grey Wanderer.
  6. Finally the deck is rounded out by generally useful cards: Miner of the Iron Hills and Unexpected Courage. Can't have too much Unexpected Courage.

Strategy: First step of the plan is to work with your team, find out what attachments are the most critical. I have included Vilya and Rod of the Steward in this deck, Rod of the Steward due to its card draw, though it is not critical. Swap these for critical attachments from the sideboard. Next bring out Strider and mulligan until you find Steward of Gondor or the "critical attachment" or ideally both. While in secrecy, get out those Resourcefuls.

Overall, the strategy is simple - spend that money for the good of others. With Strider, you can give Denethor a little more willpower to contribute and then defend in a pinch. Ideally your team should be using ranged and Sentinel characters to do your fighting and defending for you. Squire of the Citadel is a good chump that helps you carry out your plan. Overall, be a good steward and a good citizen, and enjoy being that Uncle Moneybags that everyone wishes they had.


Oct 16, 2020 jvader 5

maybe gondorian shield would make him a good defender.

Oct 16, 2020 Bushidough 4

Why have you got Vilya? I don't get it

Oct 16, 2020 Bushidough 4

Also how are you planning to play any of the unquie of of spheres in your sideboard?

Oct 16, 2020 Seastan 26592

@Bushidough I think Vilya is here to play on someone else's Elrond.

Oct 16, 2020 plessiosaurus 19

@Bushidough ah yes, you are correct. This deck I have been using privately, and included the sideboard as an afterthought as I published the deck. I forgot about the non-unique restriction on The Grey Wanderer.

@Seastan you are correct, as in the notes, this deck leaves room for critical attachments to be played on heroes from other players.

If I can figure out how to edit I will be more thoughtful about the sideboard spheres vs uniqueness. I made this public to gather feedback, but now I can’t figure out how to rev the deck. My apologies!

Caveat emptor - only substitute in non-unique out of sphere attachments to boost the team. And I would likely add some Gondorian Shield to boost his defense in a pinch.

Oct 16, 2020 Sclocker 79

I tried making a multiplayer "generosity" deck like this before, the problem I ran into is enemies that I'm forced to engage with due to card effects or engagement cost. I like that Grey Wanderer helps solve the engagement cost issue, I hadn't thought of that before. Giving folks at the table ranged with attachments like Dúnedain Cache, Keen Longbow, or Rivendell Bow can also help the table protect you while you focus on being generous. I also agree with including Gondorian Shield.

Oct 16, 2020 kattattack22 329

@plessiosaurus once published, the only thing editable on the public version is the description. You can make further edits to the list and sideboarded in your private version and later publish it again. It will show up as 2.0 and this one will note there is a more current version available with a link.

Oct 17, 2020 plessiosaurus 19

@Sclocker thanks for your feedback! In version 2.0 I threw in a few Tireless Thoroughbreds and sideboarded the Gondorian Shield.

Biggest problem I have been seeing lately is direct damage when using this deck. The spare pipe isn’t just iconic as something a fat cat does, it also helps alleviate the direct damage and draw out those good cards.

@kattattack22thanks for the tip. I have created v2 now!