Fatty Feature #1 - Fear No Orc

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MrObsolete 38

What the heck is a Fatty Feature?

Despite being one of my favorite heroes, even I must admit that it is sometimes difficult to find a place for Fatty Bolger in my lineup. As such, I've started considering ways to fit him into decks that can actually put him to use (rather than simply have him take up space or give me threat-cheap access to ). This is the first in a series of decks (which will ideally expand as my cardpool does) that, hopefully, will inspire more people to give this much bemoaned hero a place in their deck--or at least have fun trying!

As always questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.

(Props to @philium and @97jard for their own Fatty decks that encouraged me to try building my own)


This deck is designed with a simple goal in mind--find orcs and kill 'em dead. It also has a side hustle in staging area threat control (which is where our titular hero shines). It's definitely a niche deck, and probably needs to be paired with a more focused partner deck, but for those orc-heavy quests that swarm you with armies of the nasty buggers, it does its duty well. There are also a smattering of location control cards, plenty of combat-boosting attachments and events, and enough threat manipulation to keep you under 50.


Gimli takes on a bit more of a defensive slant in this deck, although he by no means is relegated to protecting the other heroes. You'll typically want Dwalin to be giving the killing blow in order to trigger his ability, but if your threat isn't a problem, feel free to swing away with a pumped-up Gimli. Fatty's role in all this is to keep the orc hordes from overwhelming you with their threat, especially in the early going before you have your board set up. His synergy with Dwalin helps keep your threat in check, allowing you to use his ability more freely.


An assortment of toolbox allies are here, with location control from Northern Tracker and West Road Traveller, threat manipulation from Elfhelm and Wandering Took, and all-important resource acceleration from Zigil Miner. Skinbark keeps the orc-whupping theme rolling, and Legolas helps alleviate the limited card draw in the deck.


Most of the dwarf-buffing attachments are here, designed to get Dwalin and Gimli into prime orc-slaying mode. Ancient Mathom is key, as one of the few card draw options available. Song of Battle will help you pay for some of the expensive attachments and allies, so it's definitely a priority.


Khazâd! Khazâd! is great in both the early game (before you get your dwarves fully kitted out) and the late game (for cutting bosses down to size). Aside from that, you have your other and staples, Stand and Fight in case one of your key allies gets discarded by Zigil Miner, and a Halfling Determination thrown in for good measure, so you can give Fatty his well-deserved hero moment.

Wombo Combos

Dwalin + Blade of Gondolin

Pumps up your orc killing potential, and gives you the double benefit of threat reduction and quest/location progress.

Skinbark + Quick Strike

Skinbark likes doing one thing and one thing only--smashing orcs into smaller, gooier orcs. 4 damage is enough to kill a good number of enemies in the game before they even get a chance to breathe on you.


If you need a little more combat pop, you can throw in a few more allies. Winged Guardian and Vassal of the Windlord are great if you're concerned about keeping your partner clean, and Veteran Axehand is a solid (and more importantly, cheap) all-round option. Song of Mocking combos well with Gimli's ability.


Feb 19, 2021 97jard 97

Looks like a fun deck! I almost never use tactics Gimli: keeping damage on my characters is not my playstyle. Interesting to see another person's take on a Fatty deck. Would Ring Mail be a good include here or do you find that you never defend with Fatty?

Feb 19, 2021 Truck 389

@MrObsolete Fatty being one of your favorites as a hero card or the character?

Feb 20, 2021 MrObsolete 38

@97jard Thanks! That would definitely be a useful addition. If you don't need to use Fatty's ability, he does make for a decent secondary defender (especially against some of the weanie goblins you come across). Unfortunately I don't have it in my collection, but I'd probably trade out the boots for it if I did.

@Truck Both, actually!

Feb 20, 2021 doomguard 547

i like fatty too and do else find him not so obsolete as many think.

if compared with dwarfs, i would make the deck less niche. means take nori for dwalin and more cheap dwarfes. playing 2 dwarfes has the same effect like dwalin killng 1 orc, AD you can use the ally dwalin who is great.

if going dwarfswarm you ned all the 2-cost dwarfes in spirit and tactik threre are (not knowing your cardpool) these are:

then, with the same effect:

makes 15 allies that reduce threat by 1 + elfhelm i think it could work.

another option could be, include some hobbits and Elevenses

Feb 23, 2021 MrObsolete 38

@doomguard I like it! Definitely makes the deck more flexible and generally useful. Once I get my hands on the requisite cards, I'll definitely be giving that a try.