Eagles with a pinch of Nature

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Flrbb 157

An ally entring play due to Hirgon's ability doesn't fit well to Radagast's ability. Probably a better questing Éowyn or a Legolas (maybe even his MotK version), depending on your party, might fit better in here.

If resources are to low, Wizard Pipe and Expert Treasure-hunter could be added, also Messenger Raven for additional card draw. Would probably take out The Eagles Are Coming! then.

Seems lilke to much events, but dunno really which to cut.

A Burning Brand probably not needed, but it's a good card in the end.

Daeron's Runes accelerates the search for all the good cards, but as the only card that is really a non-unique (ment to stay longer in game) is Radagast's Staff, maybe Daeron's Runes doesn't has good targets for discard.

Probably this deck needs some healing: The Long Defeat and Warden of Healing are options here.

Secret Vigil and Woodmen's Clearing, if threat is an issue.

There are more creature allies in the sideboard, but they are just listed because they also could be played with Radagast.