Just one ally for The Free Peoples

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Flrbb 128

As the heroes alone already do have 8 traits and each of the allies in the deck has a trait which the heroes have not, only one ally is needed to be able to play The Free Peoples.

Mulligan for Light of Valinor. Sword that was Broken, Armored Destrier and Steward of Gondor are also nice to see early on. Steward is not needed that much in the beginning, because Denethor already has 3 resources.

If Sword that was Broken is in play, attach Steward of Gondor to Aragorn. He can pay for both spheres then. Attaching Rod of the Steward and Steward of Gondor to Denethor is fine, too.

The Unexpected Courages are for Aragorn, so that he can quest, attack and use his ability.

Most probably, Rod of the Steward isn't needed at all (there are Ancient Mathom and Gandalf/Sneak Attack to draw cards). Good replacements are more allies or another side quest to get full potential out of Rider of Rohan.

Sideboard: Idraen would grant also 8 starting traits, but Aragorn and his toys is way more fun. Both allies do fit into my scheme of needs, the listed attachments were just thoughts of cards to use.


Feb 21, 2021 Truck 389


Feb 21, 2021 GreenWizard 56

Cool. Free peoples is a fun card

Feb 22, 2021 Flrbb 128

To get 8 starting traits out of 3 heroes, you definitely need Denethor - either version. He is the only one with Steward and this is the only exceptional trait.

Honestly, with this hero lineup The Free Peoples cannot develop its full potential. Glorfindel shouldn't exhaust when questing anyways, Aragorn has Unexpected Courage and Denethor isn't that big at questing. So, the readying effect of The Free Peoples is mostly for the allies.

Feb 22, 2021 doomguard 547

nice combination of heroes. would add some Galadhrim Weaver to reshuffle The Free Peoples

to really exploit questingboost, would add a Faramir (with sword, free people and faramir every gets +3)

really shines in multiplayer i think.