The Last Alliance of Nobles and Warriors

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ALeP - Battle for the Beacon - 1 Player - 2021-04-06
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Truck 512

So, I was looking at all of The Last Alliance decks on RingsDB, and I realized that most of them had to do with the character's races (i.e., Hobbit, Gondor, Rohan, Eagle, ect,) and they weren't using traits like Noble, or Warrior. So I made a Noble/Warrior The Last Alliance deck.

This could probably be done better, I would appreciate tips, just keep in mind my card pool.


Postscript: When constructing the deck on this site, I accidentally added DĂșnedain Warning instead of Shining Shield.


Apr 01, 2021 Alonewolf87 1050

If you want to go the Vilya route I would add some more high cost Warriors like Beorn, Boromir, Wiglaf or Jubayr. I would use Defender of Rammas instead of Gondorian Spearman. Consider perhaps adding Shining Shield for Beregond.

Another fun idea for a "non-racial" Last Alliance would probably center around Scouting Party and/or Astonishing Speed

Apr 01, 2021 Truck 512

@Alonewolf87 those high cost Warriors are all good, but I don't have Wiglaf or Jubayr. As for Beorn and Boromir, I forgot about Beorn, and I thought Boromir had the Noble trait. And I don't have Defender of Rammas. Also, when I was building the deck I originally had DĂșnedain Warning and Shining Shield in there, when cutting cards down to 50 I accidentally cut Shining Shield instead of DĂșnedain Warning. Whoops!

The Scouting Party idea sounds coo, but isn't Astonishing Speed Rohan?

Overall, thanks for the suggestions!

Apr 02, 2021 Seastan 28965

It's crazy how close this is to a Gondor/Noldor Last Allaince deck despite that not being your intent. I wonder if it's possible to have a deck that can fit multiple Last Alliance pairings - then you could choose which pairing you want to use at the start of the quest!