The last stand of Elladan and Elrohir

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Truck 647

This is a very powerful Two Hunters deck. This is my second try on a two hunters deck, my first being Mighty Istari, which was very powerful, and improved even more with Strider in my deck Mighty Istari 2.0. This deck can do it all: Quest, defend, and murder. It kind of relies on a lucky starting hand, but it is really good once it gets going.

Basically you want any attacking attachments on Elladan along with Light of Valinor, and all questing and defending attachments on Elrohir, along with Steward of Gondor. The play is simple, it's pretty much just get that done.

This deck isn't at it's full potential, due to my limited card pool, and here are some good adds for full card pool people (and maybe an add or two for people with my card pool). They are just for more card draw, which through a lot of playtesting, I've decided this deck could use:


Campfire Tales

Rod of the Steward

Taking Initiative

And here are some cards to cut to add the cards above, and during my playtests, out of these cards I've only ever used Battle-fury and Blade of Gondolin, but those weren't very needed, and I could have beat the quests I used them in without them:

Fresh Tracks



Feint (I know it sounds crazy, but Elrohir can defend a lot of enemies at once with Steward.)

Blade of Gondolin

Sterner than Steel

Here are the quests I playtested against, they are pretty random, I just chose some quests that seemed exciting (I did not quest log, I did not feel like keeping track of rounds,sorry ):):

The Treachery of Rhudar, 1 try

The Battle of Carn Dûm, 1 try

Conflict at the Carrock, 2 tries

The Thing in the Depths, 1 try

The Black Serpent, 1 try

Shadow and Flame, 1 try

The Morgul Vale, 1 try

ALeP-The Battle for the Beacon, 1 try

Intruders in Chetwood, 1 try

The Fate of Wilderland, 1 try

Hope you enjoy, open to suggestions, just keep in mind my Card Pool. Thanks!


Apr 30, 2021 GreenWizard 153

How long does it take for the contract to flip?

May 01, 2021 Alonewolf87 1149

Have you considered using The One Ring so that you have already 1 restricted attachment in play at the start of the game (and one of the Master cards, most likely candidate is Inner Strength)

May 02, 2021 serpico 67

Why Wani ¿¿¿

May 02, 2021 nelloianiro 642

@serpico he can exhaust no dwarf heroes to add no resources to a hero's pool and draw 1 card, so it's a free card.

May 03, 2021 Truck 647

@GreenWizard, normally turn three. I have to put unnecessary restricteds on Elrohir to flip it a lot.

@Alonewolf87, I normally keep the Ring out of my three hunters deck, on accident. That would be a good add.

@serpico, what @nelloianiro said.