Core and Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle

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Dangerous Dave 6

Dangerous Dave has a newer deck inspired by this one: Core and Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle

A questing deck to play with Jon.


Jul 20, 2021 DunYoss 20

I would think you want Wandering Took rather than The Favor of the Lady because the took has synergy with Faramir.

If you can handle the higher cost, Lórien Guide is probably better than Power in the Earth.

Jul 20, 2021 Dangerous Dave 6

Not sure I fully agree. Sure Wandering Took can quest for 2 but is not likely to be around very long. Most attachments stick at least in the first cycle and the intent is to stick the attachment on Éowyn (or Théodred) who will basically always quest. So the choice is quest for 2 but be prepared that you will lose all the +2 or quest for +1 always (and it helps protect Steward of Gondor or Unexpected Courage) too should you have to lose an attachment)

On the other suggestion, I think it is a toss up - Lórien Guide. will help with the active location but requires travelling there. Power in the Earth may allow you to leave a location in the staging area without needing to travel there. Northern Trackers can then get rid of anything in the staging area.

Thanks for your thoughts - and you may be right! However there are not that many absolutes in this game and there is normally always the potential for a "worse" card to be better than another one depending upon the situation.

Jul 20, 2021 DunYoss 20

Good point about the took, though the ally also brings an axe when needed (not your focus here, I know).

Lórien Guide gives +1 will even when the bonus progress is moot (effectively +2 will when the bonus activates), so unless it dies it's at least as good as the Power in the Earth. Another consideration is that your Northern Tracker will kill your Power in the Earth eventually, while the Lórien Guide will live on.

In any case, have fun! I love playing Progression style, which it looks like you are.

Jul 21, 2021 Dangerous Dave 6

Yes trying to play progression or at least using cards only from the cycle we are playing and only 1 core each player.

Agree that Power in the Earth has limitations but given the second deck currently mooted which doesn't have any healing, taking fairly costly squishy allies is a risk. Sure 2 HPs helps but that can easily rack up pretty quickly on quests. For reference here is the other proposed deck

That said, given the make up of the decks I will probably drop Silverlode Archer. Perhaps Lórien Guide could swap in for that. I will have another think.