I Declare, We Have a Bear! -and an Eagle!

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cowZarific 38

I love playing with Gwaihir and Beorn so I thought I’d give them a try together.

Some things I experienced with this deck:

Try to get A Good Harvest and Steward of Gondor in your opening hand. If not, having Song of Battle is nice to get on Arwen Undómiel while you wait. I always give Arwen Undómiel the Steward of Gondor since her pool will count as and . Radagast in your starting hand is also nice if you already have Steward of Gondor since you’ll be able to play him the following turn and start generating more resources with him.

Boost up Eagles of the Misty Mountains as much as you can to the point where its stats are better than Gwaihir. I’ve even gotten them up to 8 Atk and 8 def. The sooner the better. Then in the late game it’s not so bad if you lose Gwaihir because he will go right under EotMM boosting it even more. Plus EotMM doesn’t need an eagle to leave or enter play to ready. Also its fine if Gwaihir dies if you have Strider on Arwen Undómiel.

Be careful when you lose Gwaihir though, since he does generate a resource, unless you have Radagast already or Arwen Undómiel has Song of Battle (preferably with Steward of Gondor.

Getting Landroval out is nice for Beorn basically giving him 19 hit points for the game.

Will of the West can be nice when your discard is filled with a good chunk of eagles or to get Elrond's Counsel back in your deck again.

Eager to try out some of the eagle things in the new ALEP Adventure Pack. Could be some fun things there.


Sep 14, 2021 jvader 103

Support of the Eagles could help add EoMM's stats to Gwaihir

Sep 14, 2021 cowZarific 38

@jvader you're absolutely right! Completely slipped my mind! Thank you! I'm thinking switching out Imladris Stargazer for it most likely.