One-turn Win #2: Defender

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ohuerc 284

This deck is slightly Jack-of-all-Trades. It's main focus is for Beregond to block forever with Hour of Wrath. Since this is actually a very simple task, it also run threat reduction and card draw.

Song of Wisdom needs to go on Beregond so that Deck #3 can give him A Burning Brand. It also should go on Denethor to help him play Outlands allies, but in a pinch Hirluin the Fair can cover greens. Use Beravor's resources to play the Songs, since she won't need them except for Campfire Tales.

Hero selection is tricky here. If we don't bring Beravor, this deck needs the third Song of Wisdom for itself, and we lose her card draw for flexibility. Without Glorfindel, this deck needs the third Elf-friend from Deck #1, which starts to constrain things pretty badly. Eleanor would be a great addition, to protect from bad initial draws, but it makes getting the combo up to speed a whole lot harder. Ultimately, this set of heroes is probably best.

This deck doesn't have the Foe-hammer combo to draw more, so it has 2x The Seeing-stone instead. It can fish up its Deep Knowledge more easily that way, which has the happy side effect of removing a card from the deck. Also, Song of EƤrendil cycles. Even so, this deck still has the worst draw of all four, and therefore is designed so that doesn't need it as much: of its allies and attachments, only 1x Song of Wisdom is actually mandatory during its planning phase.