The Ents march to war (Dragging a hobbit with them)

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Escape from Umbar - 1 Player - 2022-06-21
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Sarus85 99

Just another deck I've put together today since I had Quickbeam awhile back and hadn't used him as yet. Pairing him of with Treebeard for a full Ent deck seems like something fun to try out at least for the experience. Then it was a case of finding that final hero to pair with them both.

I considered bilbo for the solid card draw every round. Always good but then his threat is a little high and Treebeard, and Quickbeam already are threat high as it is. I considered Folco to as his low threat could be combined with being discarded to drop the threat still further which might be crucial at some point. in the end I went with Pippin and his Lore version a more thematic choice maybe although the spirit version might have been interesting as it would give access to some shadow and treachery cancellation which might be useful along with readying for some of the ents.

But Pippin lore smooths out resources a little more as the ents are expensive as well and a tri-sphere deck seems harder to run especially as the ents are lore and tactics heavy as it is.

Ally wise obviously there are a lot of ents, especially the wellinghall preserver and wandering ent especially. Hennamarth for scrying always a good thing in solo. Erebor hammersmith to recycle attachments if needed. Wardens for additional healing and being a touch cheaper than the ents. Gandalf for flexibility, in this case especially the threat reduction if combat is more covered by the hard hitting ents.

Attachments there are less of. Mainly things to add hit points, or healing. Some readying for pippin a few other pieces that might be useful and elf stones to help with the resources if I can get it in play and quest well.

Events then are mostly based around dealing with combat, finding ents to add into my hand, extra readying if needed or some extra hard hitting fun if I need to make sure something stays down when needed.

We'll see how it manages. Threat wise the deck is still high and is suspect to some nasty effects that might hit it especially as the ents can't use the burning brand. It might also be slow to start as the ents all enter exhausted but if it can get going I think it could pack a solid punch.


Jun 20, 2022 doomguard 1229

seems you be a 2x-fan. i think it would be more optimized to make more 3x and less 2x.

means i would:


that would give you 7 cards, i would use:

with this adjustments, you have more "ent"-cards so your Entmoot wil get you more cards, you never can pay, but you have more choices and you can use these additional cards to fuel the "new" Protector of Lórien

Jun 20, 2022 kjeld 268

Another option is to drop hero Treebeard in favor of Bilbo Baggins, Folco Boffin, or Fatty Bolger (if you play AleP), then instead of 3x Protector of Lórien go 3x ally Treebeard. If you've got it, 3x Drinking Song would also be very worthwhile.