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doomguard 1726

a different kind of deck: all the allies are not meant to stay long and have massive come into play effects or are cheap with cost per round.

the deck starts with 6 ressourses, Galadriel should be played regulary, because only then she could use her ability, fish out the steward, Armored Destrier and then signs or if needed the Staff of Lebethron

try to play the others with Sneak Attack or Reinforcements #elrond can only be put into play with these.

handle Saruman with care playing multiplayer not everyone lkes the doom, this deck should have little problems with that.

try not to play Gandalf regulary until all sneaks and Tome of Atanatar are used or at least try to keep 1 Gandalf in hand until all options of putting into play are used.

recycle the Tome of Atanatar with Second Breakfast for more Sneak Attack or Reinforcements try to play each round a Tome of Atanatar (up to 6 times) this could be up to 12 gandalfs, then you might be through your deck and can reuse the lying at the bottom of your deck events again


Sep 21, 2022 BlackArrow 295

like the idea! would Squire of the Citadel work?

Sep 21, 2022 doomguard 1726

he would theoretically, but seems absolute inefficient to me. he can only chump and (effectively) reduce cost by 1. for sneak there should allways be a better target, as 2. character for Reinforcements, also every other character seems better. playing regulary could be o.k. but i see every other card in the deck as more efficient.

Sep 22, 2022 BlackArrow 295

@doomguard Fair Point. The only other suggestions I would make are maybe cutting some attachments like DĂșnedain Quest and DĂșnedain Signal and just adding more allies. with only 1x copt of Wilyador and Dwarven Sellsword, I feel like you're not going to see too many allies in play which A. defeats the purpose of the deck, and B. makes it harder on you. maybe that's just me tho, since I'm not a big fan of decks that have fewer allies

Sep 22, 2022 doomguard 1726

if it worked as planned, you do not loose the allies you have (except galadriel) because the idea is to use them with Sneak Attack or Reinforcements then you get them back on hand. so, you only need 1 Gandalf and can use him up to 12 times (and half of the times you will draw cards so you get the remaining)

Galadriel helps with order the next 5 cards to et the missing card next time you draw. if that is not enough, then more carddraw We Are Not Idle or Campfire Tales or Valiant Sacrifice should be incuded.