Gimli and Legolas At the End of All Things

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SchadenfreudeNE 207

I was able to get a hard copy of The Nine Abroad and At the End of All Things at Con of the Rings this year. I immediately thought of my favorite Dynamic Duo to build a deck: Gimli and Legolas.

Because you can’t gain resources from attachments, a lot of resource generation is accomplished with events. Those first 3 rounds can be tough to get through generating only 2 resources a round. But between the built in readying on the heroes and on Side A of the contract and the resource-generating events, I’ve been able to pull through most games in the early rounds. The hero stat boost really helps, and is akin to getting to play Friend of Friends on my non-Hobbit heroes. If you can get out Heir of Mardil onto Gimli, that will ready him when you play Captain's Wisdom or We Are Not Idle.

The turn 4 flip is when things get really fun. I have mostly pulled Wiglaf and Ancestral Armor in my games. I have also included some other high-cost allies and Path of Need as other possible cards to pull.

Overall, I really like this deck and look forward to playing it in some multiplayer games!


Oct 18, 2022 Birdman137 30

I didn't realize there was a contract with The 9 are Abroad! Now I'm kicking myself for not taking that when I won the raffle at the Con.

Feb 05, 2023 Etiowyn 5

This contract is just so perfect for them! I'd love to see it work one of these sundays! As a humble recommendation maybe you could use Dwarven Shield to ready Gimli after attacks with Heir of Mardil ! Do you get rich enough to play these Denethor and Grey Companion ? Seems very good mate!

Feb 05, 2023 SchadenfreudeNE 207

Sadly, Dwarven Shield does not work with the contract. I wish I could add it! I’ve played the deck a lot by now, and it is pretty decent. Because of all the title cards, I’ve got Grey Companion out frequently. I almost never play Denethor.