leader of the eagles guards the isen

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doomguard 1494

this one was able to beat blood on the isen. that szenario has earned its difficulty of 9. it massivively hinders deck to get a decent boardstate.


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if you control cards with costs of more than 3 per round (so 3, 6, 9,.. max 15) it increases your thread and you start with reducing only by 1 per round)


so a grey wanderer seems usefull it has much possible thread to gain. because you have to fight i choose this deck. defaultattachment is Strider Gwaihir quests for 4 and is ready.

strat is easy, try to get Flight of the Eagles out they are the real gamechangers, useful for all purposes and have no printed cost (use with Vassal of the Windlord or Wilyador if possible).

get 1 Eagles of the Misty Mountains out and feed it with the smaller ones (cost 1-2)

try to dance round the edge of what you are allowed to have in play and go steady foreward. a Gandalf is very helpful to snipe bad enemys in the staging or reduce thread. you might need him to make the real pushes in willpower, lateron it is possible, to reduce thread normally.

even with this low startingthread i ended about 45, but was never in danger to loose. with an att 7 eagle and Support of the Eagles on Gwaihir the boss is not so big of a deal.


Jan 23, 2023 doomguard 1494

for this special szenario i replaced Resourceful with Hands Upon the Bow. very usefull because of Strider and Gwaihir then attacks with 5 in the staging (after staging before resolvinf the quest), there are enemys that will be killed by that.