Eagle shenanigans

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warlock000 3184

warlock000 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Eagle shenanigans - revised


Mar 18, 2023 doomguard 1877

i like it not using steward. in this special configuration i would use Ranger Summons and Flight of the Eagles theay are so good and beside their efeckt while revealing they are flexible allies

would discard the following for that 6 cards:

would further look if i could make room or 1-2 Wilyador

Mar 18, 2023 warlock000 3184

I only use the cards I own - unfortunately I don't own Wilyador ;(.

Mar 18, 2023 warlock000 3184

If anything, with the cardpool I own I think I would think about removing 2x Rohan Warhorse and adding 2x Valiant Sacrifice for enhanced card draw ;).

Mar 18, 2023 serpico 255

Yes 2 Valiant Sacrifice is a good choise

Mar 19, 2023 kjeld 562

Outmatched can help to reduce the cost of keeping small enemies engaged in lieu of Forest Snare (since you don't have ).