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The Fighting Fellowship
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Annaeru 69

This deck is designed to be flexible and adapt to the needs of different quests. Try to get out Light of Valinor early, use Glorfindel to quest, Grimbeorn the Old to defend and attack. Beravor is your jack-of-all-trades: she can be used for extra willpower, as a secondary defender or she can help take down a tough enemy. Keep in mind, though, that this is not a combat deck. The partner deck of the fellowship will handle most of the fighting. This is the support deck that can meet a variety of needs: card draw with Beravor, Gléowine and Heed the Dream, threat control with Galadriel's Handmaiden, Woodmen's Clearing and Double Back, healing with Warden of Healing and Elrond (who’s also your choice for condition removal), location control with Asfaloth. Beef up Grimbeorn with all attachments you want, and give the ones you don’t need to your partner. Resourceful is attached as needed: Depending on the kind of quest you’re playing, one of your heroes will likely end up with some spare resources, while the other one could use some extra. Bonus: Attach it to Glorfindel and use Lay of Nimrodel to quest through basically everything. A Good Harvest also helps with resource balance. Three copies of Unexpected Courage also provide more flexibility: Attach it to your partner’s defender for more defense, or to Beravor to be able to quest or fight and draw cards. Attach it to an attacker for more attacks.