Solo Proud Hunters

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Kuspen 2

Heavy location control combined with combat provess.

Ancient Mathom is your main source of card draw, since clearing locations should not be a problem for this deck. Recur it with Dwarven Tomb. Legolas is your secondary option to avoid top decking. Proud Hunters and to some extent Horn of Gondor pays your cards. Háma gives you flexibility in recycling your tactics events as needed depending on the game situation. Magic Ring is your only source of healing and therefore fits perfectly in Idraens ring finger who is probably your best hero defender if it comes to that. Also dont forget the Honour Guards how mitigate incoming damage. Clearing locations gives Idraen action advantage and if the encounter deck doesn´t provide locations > find them using Dunedain Pathfinder. In quests with terrible location effects, why not wipe the effects with Thrór's Key.

May the odds never be in encounter decks favor!


Nov 18, 2023 doomguard 2041

not enough carddraw or my taste. Legolas is expensie or onl 1 tactichero.

would add Foe-hammer and more weapons.

recycle Ancient Mathom with Dwarven Tomb is not worth it, invest 2 cards to get 3.... Foe-hammer recycable with Háma is better

Háma makes no sense

who defends early? Feint is nice but you can have only 3 ( max 6 with Háma) get 1 early is not save.

consider Gondorian Shield for Idraen or Raiment of War for the warriors is also weapon, and usable for Foe-hammer

or some cheap chumps until 1. Feint is there, like Vassal of the Windlord or Westfold Horse-breeder (can quest until die ;) )

you have allready Ethir Swordsman why no Knights of the Swan ?

if you like powergaming, add The One Ring + Inner Strength for Idraen, then defense is much easier.