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GertjeBE 25

With the introduction of Elena, my mind was immediately directed to Galadriel and having a Silver Harp in play from round 1. Then you can use the Mirror of Galadriel without any risk.

I decided to create a Fellowship deck. Use the Mirror to search for missing allies to get the Fellowship online as soon as you can. Play Frodo Baggins first to then get Sam Gamgee in for 1 cost and (MotK) Bill the Pony for free.

This is not a power deck by any means; you will often need some luck in the beginning of the game. The deck is not very good defending or attacking, especially those first few rounds. Try to avoid combat until you have the fellowship online. Éowyn should be a good attacker with Herugrim. Elena is mostly defending with Gift of Foresight and Wooden Lyre.

The deck should work much better when you use it as the "questing deck" in a multiplayer setting. Focus more on questing and threat mitigation by replacing Treebeard with Merry and some of the other cards by The Galadhrim's Greeting, Steed of Imladris and Song of Eärendil.


Jun 10, 2024 doomguard 2047

like it, my lothlorien harpconcert is featured by (MotK) Gléowine and starts in secrecy. perhaps u are interested: www.ringsdb.com

i like in special the combination of Elena and Galadriel because she can start with a Silver Harp that really fasten up a Mirror of Galadriel-build

Jun 10, 2024 GertjeBE 25

Thx @doomguard. Fully agree, Galadriel is so fun with her Mirror of Galadriel. It makes that you should be able to get the contract online within the first few rounds.

Jun 10, 2024 doomguard 2047

i can imagine A Fair Exchange does quite a help. why not include 1-2 cheap other uniques, that perhaps make it faster?

i would have Ioreth in mind would also give healing (usable after Galadriel has Nenya)

do u think Herugrim is really worth it? very expansive and u might mostly get it after contract is flipped and then you donot need it anymore.

if you want to empower it up, you could include the The One Ring + Inner Strength for Elena to have a good defender from the start.

3 Song of Travel is a bit to much imo.

why 2 Silver Harp?

Jun 11, 2024 GertjeBE 25

Thx @doomguard They are all good remarks. I will replace 2 of the Song of Travel and 1 Silver Harp.

I did not want to create a The One Ring deck. But it would indeed be an easy add.