100 Willpower

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Seastan 42350

Seastan has a newer deck inspired by this one: 100 Willpower (Dol Guldur)


This deck is strictly for high player counts. It is meant to handle the questing for all 4 players starting from about round 4 onwards. It doesn't necessary start slow, but it does take a few rounds to really get going.

On my last attempt with it, which went particularly well, I was just playing down cards without any encounter deck in front of me, just to test it out. I quested for the following willpower:

  • Turn 1: 12 .
  • Turn 2: 32 .
  • Turn 3: 63 .
  • Turn 4: 91 .
  • Turn 5: 109 . Deck Empty.

Now, the deck won't consistently perform at this top level, but it will consistently perform at the level that it needs to. Hitting about 40 by turn 4 should mean that the other players can totally abandon questing for the rest of the game and focus only on combat.

Even some ally swarm counters like The Old Ford can't stop this deck when it gets established.


The deck is pretty flexible in a lot of the willpower comes post-staging through Faramir's ability. Cards like Ever Vigilant, Spare Hood and Cloak, and Narya are all meant to get extra readies out of Faramir. If on a particular turn you don't need a ton of willpower you can save Narya for the combat phase, use Spare Hood to ready someone's hero, or Ever Vigilant can ready someone' else's ally.

Mulligan for a starting hand with a lot of the resource cards: Captain's Wisdom, Gaining Strength, Wealth of Gondor. Mulligan away any hand containing 2 Ethir Swordsman, or even 1 Ethir Swordsman with no way to play it that turn (like Envoy of Pelargir or Errand-rider).

Be careful about going into a new turn without resources on Cirdan and with no Errand-riders in play. You don't want to draw into an Ethir Swordsman with no way to play him.

The Spare Hood and Cloak goes on the lowest willpower character in play so that they can use their exhaust to ready Faramir.

The sideboard suggestions are if you want to sacrifice some willpower for some location control (built with Attack on Dol Guldur in mind).


Aug 25, 2017 Bullroarer Took 89

Better hope your partners have A Test of Will Ready for Necromancer's Reach!

Aug 25, 2017 Lecitadin 193

I hope you'll bring this deck to make a COTR podcast!

Aug 26, 2017 sappidus 727

/me sees 100+ , goes "Huh?"

/me glances at decklist

/me sees Erestor powering Outlands, Faramir, and a bunch of ally-readying effects


j/k… Talk about a hyperfocused deck! Nice work, as always.

Oct 07, 2017 Tarok 11

100+ in 4 turns, great!

Mar 02, 2021 Turgon 570

@Seastan Just curious, do you have any way to deal with all the cards Erestor and Círdan the Shipwright are discarding?

Mar 02, 2021 Seastan 42350

@Micah The idea is to play basically everything. Lots of resource generation and very cheap cards make it doable.