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tickler 219

My prior versions of solo trap decks typically ran into the issue, that in most cases you don't need a blocker. Enemies run into Ranger Spikes or Forest Snares and sometimes they get picked directly by rangers with Ranger Bows or on a dayly Forest Patrol. But you cannot ensure to catch all enemies that way, so sometimes you need a blocker. And often a good one. A guy like Beregond spends most of his time doing nothing in trap decks and without a hero with defensive abilities trap decks can go down very quickly.

So I came up to the idea of using Denethor as my blocker. With a Gondorian Shield and a A Burning Brand he is doing a fanastic job. But in all the cases where I do not need a blocker his ability is even better.

Éowyn takes the responsibility of managing the early game. The deck can provide a good quest power with the Emyn Arnen Ranger and Followed enemies for a very cheap price, but it will take a while to get it going. Also her all-out-strike can help to get rid of tough enemies that has to be defeated early. Finally, of course her low cost makes a total threat of 23 a good start. The downside is that you will not need most of her resources. Use them for Gandalf and the Envoy of Pelargir.

When the deck has established a solid board state it works pretty well. You need either Gléowine, your Master of the Forge or Anborn to get your draw engine running and then just play the ranger trap style.

Don't expect to beat terrific nightmare quests. The lack of the sphere in solo games including having not A Test of Will or further threat reduction can be tough. But if you use Denethor correctly, you can navigate around a lot of difficult cards and get a surprising performance out of a trap deck.