Core Set Decks - Mirkwood Zero Defeat

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Why those heroes?

Well, it starts from a few considerations.

  1. In the early game the combinations of sphere that worked the best were - because the latter was severely lacking in but could already punch some combat out, and - because you know "resources and cards" in a card game... So this one possible selection of heroes below threat 30 within that sphere combination.
  2. Why threat 30? Because of the infamous Hill troll of course! And also because it gives you time. Turtling was definitely the go-to strategy in the early life of the game.
  3. Thalin is under-estimated just because he can get rid of the pesky surging re-shuffling Eastern Crows. It should also help with combat as the decks are requiring that allies pull their weight on the department. They will.
  4. It just includes the best comboes of the Core Set Sneak Attack+Gandalf (probably still the best combo in the game), and the hard control A Test of Will+Dwarven Tomb+Eleanor+Strength of Will (if you don't use Eleanor). Yeah. Don't ignore Eleanor! Treachery cancellation, defending in a pinch, she's cool.
  5. Glóin was probably underrated (by myself) back then. He's crazy good.
  6. cards are really good in that cycle. Forest Snare enemies, help questing with Radagast's Cunning and Secret Paths, discard Conditions with Miner of the Iron Hills, draw cards with Gléowine... what else do you need?
  7. Faramir...


Piloting is global.


Our results:

  • Passage through Mirkwood: 1/1
  • Voyage Along the Anduin: 1/1
  • Escape from Dol Guldur: 1/1 (thankfully, Théodred was the prisoner, so we were a bit lucky yeah, Eowyn as a prisoner would be a definite loss)
  • The Hunt for Gollum: 1/1
  • Conflict at the Carrock: 1/1
  • Voyage to Rhosgobel: 1/1 (three copies of Lore of Imladris were included)
  • The Hills of Emyn Muil: 1/1
  • The Dead Marshes: 1/1
  • Return to Mirkwood: 1/1

We're having so much fun with those two decks that we have decided to keep using them until we lose! So far:

  • Into the Pit: 1/1
  • The Seventh Level: 1/1
  • Flight from Moria: 1/1
  • The Redhorn Gate: 1/1 I really thought it would be impossible but in the end it was disturbingly easy. Turtle, save on your 3 Test of Will, while exploring Caradhras in the staging area with your Trackers and Snowbourne scouts. Then breeze through last quest stages canceling those stupid treacheries. Faramir helps too.

Feb 06, 2021 AlistairB 14

I'd been considering the challenge of putting together a Shadows-of-Mirkwood fellowship to tackle each quest in the first cycle, so I feel a bit one-upped to see this core set fellowship pop-up ;)