[Thematic Campaign] We Wants It, We Needs It

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I you were wondering (or not), the reason we played "The Black Gate Opens" before "The Tower of Cirith Ungol" is that we couldn't beat Cirith Ungol with the previous decks and it was just getting frustrating. Since at this point of the campaign, the two storylines are separate anyway, I figured I would cover the rest of Frodo's path in a single article. We will be using the same Fellowship.

Of course, a few adjustments have to be made because the campaign sequence would require us to play Cirith Ungol before the Black Gate, namely: we still have to deal with the two Wraith on Wings at Cirith Ungol. Although, as they were slained at the Black Gate, they shouldn't bother us for "Mount Doom".


A power too great for any to overcome

Thematically represents the power of Lórien accompanying Frodo, but mostly designed to cope with the Wraith on Wings as soon as possible and without engaging them. Fortunately, there are not immune to player card effects, so loading up Haldir of Lórien with Weapons should be enough to pile damage.

Choose Song of Battle as your starting attachment in The Tower of Cirith Ungol. Technically, the contract allows you to play out of sphere Weapons so you could go without for a while, but it's important you'd be able to play those events at any point during the game.

Choose Strider as your starting attachment in Mount Doom. Fortitude tests can come early, and this allow you to double on your 4 questing without exhausting, potentially exhausting to a Fortitude test, ready with the contrat's effect and still be able to attack. You can still play Weapons with the contract. If you do not find your Song of Battle quickly enough, have the second player fetch it in their own deck with the help of Rivendell Minstrel.

The sideboard is there to replace the Woodmen's Clearing in Mount Doom, adding some readying Lembas. Substitute Leaf Brooch for Gléowine, giving you a bit more card draw should you struggle to play your Foe-hammer.

I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you and it as well

Inspired from a deck by user Razumikhin, the idea is too load up characters with intrinsic and readying to succeed at passing the Fortitude test in Mount Doom. The deck should run Sting to help with combat (if not stolen by Shagrat!!).

For Cirith Ungol, the goal of the deck is still to provide questing and a bit of combat with Sam. The sideboard is to be used for Cirith Ungol removing the 3x Miruvor and replacing them with:


  • The Tower of Cirith Ungol: 1/2

  • Mount Doom: 1/1 ! Was pretty epic. The Song deck managed to not draw a single Nenya, Gandalf or Frodo's Intuition... fortunately an early Gléowine (and Galadriel since she was not wearing her ring and not always used for a Fate test) saved the card draw. From there it was mostly a breeze. We even forgot to actually use Galadriel's gifts Boon that we had kept for the last scenario, same for Ho! Tom Bombadil! Boon, and Gwaihir Boon showed up on the very last turn... Victory at the seventh turn. I, as the first player, chose to destroy the Ring under strong pressure of my girlfriend, cos I wanted to keep it :(

Final Campaign Pool

+1 starting threat for each player (change of heroes at the beginning of The Uruk-hai).

From The Passing of the Grey Company onwards: +2 starting threat for each player (choice at the end of The Passage of the Marshes).

Number of resources on The Black Gate: 12.

Other Boons:


Captives: Pippin and Legolas

Number of resources on The Corsair Fleet: 5.

Enemies under the Black Gate: