Of Dwarves and Men


A good fellowship to take against Conflict at the Carrock, progression style. The Gimli deck is obviously meant for combat.

Thalin weakens the enemies, while Gimli can take undefended attacks from weaker enemies to power himself up. He can take a Dwarven Axe or 2 as well. Citadel Plate is available but not necessary. With the help of the Eleanor deck, you can make Bilbo into a competent defender to deal with the weaker enemies in the encounter deck. Give him Dúnedain Warning, Protector of Lórien, and A Burning Brand. Bilbo also draws the party a lot of cards. Get a Winged Guardian out quickly to get rid of A Frightened Beast if you do not have other cancellation. The deck is further supported by cheap allies that can fight. Miner of the Iron Hills gets rid of Sacked!. Erebor Hammersmith gets attachments back, that were discarded for Éowyn and Protector of Lórien. Horseback Archer can help deal with enemies engaged with other players. Beorn helps to deal with the trolls along with his descendant Grimbeorn.

The Glóin deck, quests, gets resources (to pay for Grimbeorn) and vomits out cheaper and more expensive allies. Théodred gets resources on himself or other questers (mostly Éowyn and Thalin) to make sure you have A Test of Will and Feint ready. Glóin also generates resources by taking attacks. He can support questing or attacking otherwise, but is otherwise less essential. Éowyn is of course the main quester. Make sure you manage the first stage. Don't quest too strongly before you are ready, but do not underquest too much, so nobody's threat is at 34 in the second stage. Éowyn also fuels Stand and Fight. It is possible to get a Beorn out through this method. Otherwise you have some location control combined with chump-blockers/fighters in the form of Snowbourn Scout and Northern Tracker.

The Eleanor deck is a supporting deck. Both Eleanor and Denethor deal with undesirable encounter cards. Note that Denethor can move Sacked! to the bottom. Eleanor, meanwhile cannot cancel Sacked! but can cancel Roasted Slowly or A Frightened Beast. Beravor can do what is needed, quest, fight or draw cards. Denethor can also be turned into a great defender. He can defend against both Trolls and Muck Adder. Give him Dúnedain Warning, A Burning Brand and Protector of Lórien.

Put Steward of Gondor together with Song of Kings on any non- character to make them able to pay for Grimbeorn quickly and pay for other cards. Leadership does not have many expensive cards, so they do not need the Steward.