The Bounder and the Dunadan

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DazeMan 473

This deck is an attempt to make a fun take that makes use of some of the side quest cards and benefits that are contained in the Sands of Harad box. At this point I have meddled with just about all of the cards in the box, but I can say that the Vigilant Dúnadan is a fantastic ally when his conditions are met. In this deck he has the potential of questing for 1, Defending without exhausting for 4, and swinging back with an attack of 4! It is highly conditional, but I was able to get it going pretty regularly with this deck, and up against the quests in the Sands of Harad box, there is a good chance of either completing a player side quest or an encounter side quest.

Here is how it works:

In your opening hand, mulligan for Narya, you don't need to attach it right away, but it is good to have the security of it in your opening hand, and it is also nice, if you can see Light of Valinor in there as well. Narya will give you access to the sphere in order to be able to use Legacy of Númenor and attach Steward of Gondor (which goes onto Círdan the Shipwright). Between Deep Knowledge, Daeron's Runes, and Círdan's ability you should be able to fetch either The Road Goes Ever On, Gather Information, or The Storm Comes. Once you have the ability to fetch a side quest use it to get The Storm Comes, for the resource smoothing is quite efficient and it unlocks Vigilant Dúnadan and Halfling Bounder's abilities. Arwen Undómiel and/or Narya are used to buff up Vigilant Dúnadan if he comes into play, and as a bonus, throw a Spear of the Citadel on him in order to do a direct damage to each enemy you defend against.

If you have time or the opportunity to do another player side quest, use Gather Information to fetch Gandalf, and if he hits the table, it's pretty much a done deal. Use Aragorn's ability to reset threat when it gets too high, and start the game over and continue to have fun.

I have been trying to find a home for ever card in the most recent box, for there were quite a few that have me scratching my head. Vigilant Dúnadan, Halfling Bounder, and The Road Goes Ever On work well together in this deck, but it doesn't really reach top tier or great consistency like I would like, however, it IS fun. If you are looking for a quest to test this out against, it works well in the Desert Crossing as well as I had lots of fun with it in Intruders in Chetwood.

If there is anyone else who has been pondering how to use some of these side quest abilities, I would enjoy suggestions and feedback.


Jan 05, 2017 D4rkWolf10 313

This is a cool deck. I'm glad you posted it! The side quest archetype is slowly becoming a thing, which is cool to see.

I do have some suggestions, in no particular order, that you can take or leave as you choose:

1) Although I can appreciate Círdan the Shipwright and his abilities, he takes up a lot of your deck to be made optimal, and drawing Narya or having it in your opening hand is critical to make the main portion of your deck run smoothly. I would suggest considering replacing him with Amarthiúl or Halbarad so that you can start the game with Leadership resources immediately to get your engine moving. Both heroes have their advantages, but Amarthiúl is probably the stronger choice if you choose to go that route as he offers additional resources and the ability to play the Tactics sphere if you manage your engaged enemies correctly, making it easier to cast Vigilant Dúnadan.

2) Hand in hand with the above point, Narya is cool for sure but I don't know that the ability is as necessary to your deck as the Leadership icon it provides, and if you switch heroes, that is no longer necessary. If you remove it, you make room for Sword that was Broken, which I think would really benefit you on the questing side of things.

3) I think you should double down on side quests. The Leadership, Tactics, and Lore ones are all very good in my opinion, and it definitely seems like the faster you find a side quest and complete it, the sooner your Vigilant Dúnadan is online and strong. Additionally, finding room for Dúnedain Message and replacing Deep Knowledge with Heed the Dream seem like they'd really increase your chances of getting a fast side quest if you don't have one in your opening hand.

If you see fit, give those changes a try and let me know how it goes. I really like the concept of a side quest deck and you've got a good thing going here. Best of luck!

Jan 06, 2017 DazeMan 473

@D4rkWolf10 Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely try messing around with some of your ideas. Círdan the Shipwright is tough to remove from the deck because he is one of the sources to boost Vigilant Dúnadan with Narya attached. Sword that was Broken is one of my favorite cards in the game, but I did not think it was as necessary since Círdan and Éowyn both have 4 Willpower.

Jan 09, 2017 D4rkWolf10 313

@DazeMan Completely understandable :) my reasoning was that having the Leadership resources already through a Leadership hero might free up your card pool to add questing power via Sword that was Broken and that sacrificing 1 attack per Vigilant Dúnadan might not be horrible if you have the right cards to fill in the gaps. I could be entirely wrong, as this is just theory crafting for now.

I've built a variation on your deck that I am going to try out with some of the above suggestions I made included. If it performs well, I'll link to it here so you can look at it and see what you think.

Jan 09, 2017 DazeMan 473

@D4rkWolf10 Very cool, looking forward to hearing how it does!