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Djuvet 9

I created this deck for the French National Meeting 2017 in Paris with the will to play a Hobbit Deck. I will be dressed like that: (Yes that is me).

I combined many aspects I found in different propositions of Hobbit Decks I found here and there.

The 2 goals of this deck are to reduce threat and draw cards.

Reducing Threat:

Drawing cards :

With so many threat reductions, you will be often in Secret. So to gain coins I put 3 copies of Resourceful. (One on each Hero, Starting with Pippin).

With that money, you can easily pay cool events to help yourself and the other players.

The attachments are really important to play quickly, especially the pipes and the mounts, to get a maximum out of Elevenses, so Master of the Forge can help.

Frodo can block and survive if you manage your threat level as a ressource. The Warden of Healing can help to somewhat spare a level. But to add a little bit more punch, you gather the Ents, with Treebeard and Quickbeam.

And eventualy, your role in the fellowship would be to help the others with threat reduction aswell. Through The Galadhrim's Greeting of course, but way more effectively with the combination of Song of Eärendil and Wandering Took.

You need at least one good fighter's deck in your fellowship. And it's okay if it is a doomed one.

Starting hand : mulligan if you don't get any Resourceful or pipe or mount, or Bilbo.

The sideboard is meant to help if the other players want to play the same unique caracters.

And here you are my little fellows.


Apr 16, 2017 Mustardman 194

Thanks, I have been looking for a Hobbit pipe deck forever (and have even tried a few of my own). This will be perfect!

Apr 17, 2017 Djuvet 9

Cool! Enjoy.