Bulwark of Gondor

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monkeyrama 18

monkeyrama has updated this deck: Bulwark of Gondor

This deck is based around getting out as many Gondor allies as possible in support of the Lord and Lady of Ithilien, whose deck pairs with this one. It eventually quests quite well, but is especially potent in combat.

Boromir is given Captain of Gondor, Visionary Leadership, and Sword of NĂșmenor, and pretty much just needs to keep one resource at all times and to attack enemies.

Denethor gains Armored Destrier and DĂșnedain Signal from the other deck, and from this one gains Gondorian Shield, Steward of Gondor, and Rod of the Steward. He is the tank, eventually defending for a consistent 5 defense along with readying. In bad situations you can use Behind Strong Walls to give me an extra defence. The spare Shield can go to the other deck.

Prince Imrahil is the fun card. He gains The Red Arrow and Heir of Mardil. With these two he can quest for 3 or 4 if Boromir is boosting him, and then gets given a resource by Denethor in the combat phase to ready with Heir. He can then spend that resource to summon a useful ally!

Many other cards are simple plays: A Very Good Tale is best used with high cost allies to ensure a good return, although notably it is a very good way to get Knight of the White Tower in without having to pay 4 resources from 1 hero! Imrahil's ability can help to cheat a high cost ally in to power A Very Good Tale. Campfire Tales provides card draw, and The White Council is a utility card to provide both decks with what they need at any given time. This deck usually uses the return of a discarded card.

The allies are self-explanatory in most cases. The deck often runs into the high threat levels, but that can power the Veteran of Osgiliath, the Honour Guard, and The Red Arrow. Citadel Custodian is there to be put in play by Imrahil for A Very Good Tale. In some quests, especially those in the Harad cycle, defending allies need at least some willpower. In those situations sub out the Defender of Rammas and put in the Defender of Cair Andros, since that 1 helps a great deal, and often the Defenders are at 4 defence anyway. Pelargir Ship Captain and Squire of the Citadel are there to smooth resources to the other deck.

Really it is Imrahil who makes this deck tick and who makes it fun. His 'lucky dip' ability can be very useful!


Feb 14, 2018 Odsidian22 228

I recommend Envoy of Pelargir over Pelargir Ship Captain. She will make Prince Imrahil's ability free in a sense. You can with Imrahil, give the resource to Boromir.

Feb 14, 2018 monkeyrama 18

I completely agree. The only reason it's not there is because I only have 3 copies and the partner deck gets it for similar reasons! An optimised fellowship would run 3 copies of the Envoy in each deck. I'll add it to the sideboard.

Feb 14, 2018 Odsidian22 228

Ahh! The curse of a single card pool. I understand. Good to see all the decks with Prince Imrahil lately.

Feb 14, 2018 monkeyrama 18

Yes, he's really fun to play. I think what I like about him is that his ability keeps giving me ideas for how to use it that I want to try out. Some heroes are powerful etc., but don't offer as much experimentation space!